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Whitsunday Islands National Park

Whitsunday Islands is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 920 kilometres northwest of Brisbane. It contains 31 others; the Whitsunday Islands lie midway along Australia's Queensland coast and are bordered by the Great Barrier Reef and the waters of the Coral Sea. Migrating humpback whales favour the waters around the Whitsunday Islands as a calving ground between May and September each year. Marine stingers are found in the waters of the islands between May; the region spans from the beaches of Bowen in Laguna Whitsundays in the south. All 74 of the islands are surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and only eight of them are inhabited. On Whitsunday Island is the six km long Whitehaven Beach; the beach has picnic facilities in its foredunes. A walking track links to Chance Bay. Access is by private or commercial boat from Shute Harbour. List of islands of Australia Protected areas of Queensland Media related to Whitsunday Islands National Park at Wikimedia Commons

The Perfect Man (1939 film)

The Perfect Man is a 1939 Hungarian comedy film directed by Sándor Szlatinay and starring Pál Jávor, Erzsi Simor and Tivadar Bilicsi. Pál Jávor as Bardó Gábor,földbirtokos Erzsi Simor as Hámor Dolly Tivadar Bilicsi as Csatári, színész Sándor Pethes as Dr. Leonidas, banktitkár Béla Mihályffi as Hámor Ödön, bankelnök Etelka Dán as Mosóczy Sári Zoltán Makláry as Mosóczy György Kürthy as Bardó Gáspár Ferenc Pethes as Feri Ilka Petur as Szebenyiné Zoltán Várkonyi as Bolond Erzsi Orsolya as Kozmetikusnõ Ilona Kökény as Csatáryné Géza Márky as Jimmy parkettáncos Lajos Sugár as Fõszerkesztõ Terus Kováts as álláskeresõ gépírónõ Ilonka Szép as Riporternõ László Misoga as Dr. Holubán, betétes Margit Zsilley as Mari Zsuzsa Simon as Bárvendég Bujor Rîpeanu. Hungary. Walter de Gruyter, 1989; the Perfect Man on IMDb

1967–68 Australian region cyclone season

The 1967–68 Australian region cyclone season saw several storms in and around the waters of Australia. A tropical low entered from the adjacent South Pacific basin near the Solomon Islands, it intensified into Cyclone Annie, recurved to the southeast, exiting back into the South Pacific basin on November 15. Formed south of Indonesia and moved west-southwestward for its entirety. Formed over Northern Territory, moved southwestward across northern Western Australia, it moved over open waters and recurved to the south. Formed southwest of Sumatra and moved southward, striking the Cocos Islands. Doreen produced wind gusts of 167 km/h, the highest winds recorded on the island group on record. Struck Queensland. A tropical low formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria on February 2, it moved over Northern Territory and dissipated on February 5. Formed west of Australia, curved around the Western Australian coast offshore. A tropical low formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria on February 12, moving southeastward, struck Queensland.

It was last reported on February 16. Formed northwest of Australia moved into the South-West Indian Ocean, where it was renamed Janine. Formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria, struck Northern Territory. From December 6–10, a tropical low existed off the east coast of Australia. From December 9–12, another tropical low existed off the east coast of Australia. From January 16–17, Cyclone Brenda moved from the South Pacific basin into the northeastern portion of this basin, before recurving and leaving the basin. From February 25–28, a tropical low existed off the northeast coast of Australia. A tropical low formed on April 2 near the Solomon Islands, it exited the region on April 4 becoming Cyclone Giselle. Atlantic hurricane seasons: 1967, 1968 Eastern Pacific hurricane seasons: 1967, 1968 Western Pacific typhoon seasons: 1967, 1968

J. T. Buck

J. T. Buck is a composer, lyricist, stage director, project coordinator. Born and raised in Akron, Buck graduated from Central-Hower High School in 1990, he spent his first few years post high school working as a waiter, freelance actor, music director. Buck spent two summers as musical director for the National Children's Theatre School summer workshops in Vail Colorado, three summers as music director for the Columbia Gorge School of Theatre in White Salmon, Washington. Buck received his BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in music from the University of Akron in 2004, he is completing a master's degree in Arts Administration from The University of Akron. While in Houston, Buck produced of the 2005 Albee New Plays Festival under the leadership of Pulitzer-winner Lanford Wilson, completed an internship at the 2005 Tony Awards and the revival of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf under producer Elizabeth I. McCann, he was twice a student of Tony-Winning Broadway producer Stuart Ostrow's New Musical Theatre Lab.

In 2006, Buck accepted the position of Arts Director at First Grace UCC in Akron. His work there involved directing worship-related music and arts, as well as producing and directing grass-roots theatre, music and visual art in collaboration with local artists, he left the position after the'Great Recession', the congregation lost its building. Buck has directed a variety of pieces for the stage, including Corpus Christi, The Laramie Project, State Fair, "Book of Days", Christopher Durang's Titanic, As Bees in Honey Drown, Dearly Departed, Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol. Buck wrote the lyrics and music for the musical The Gospel According to Tammy Faye written with fellow University of Houston student Fernando Dovalina. Although the original idea was a bar joke, the more Buck thought about it the more the idea seemed worthy, he recruited Dovalina to write the book, Faye granted the two an extended interview. One of the compelling facets of her life to the two fairies "was how from her conservative background, she came around to being a gay-friendly person" and had a sizable gay following.

The musical is a fantasy flashback retelling of televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker's life story. Written after a lengthy interview granted to the authors by Tammy Faye, the show had its world premiere at the 2006 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, it was subsequently given an Equity reading by the Columbia Gorge Repertory Company in Portland and Hood River, Oregon; the show had a profitable July run on the stage of Houston's famous Alley Theatre, as a benefit produced by and for Bering and Friends, a Houston AIDS charity that stages a show each year to raise funds for AIDS charity. The production opened on the same night Faye died and saw a flood of media attention because of her death; the musical received an industry reading in NYC in December 2007, starring Tony-Nominee Sally Mayes as Faye, veteran Broadway actors William Youmans, Julie Foldesi, Heather Parcells and James T. Lane. Buck Has lived and worked all of his life in Akron, where he directed a production of Lanford Wilson's'Book of Days' in summer 2008.

In 2009 he directed "Elegies for Angels, Ghetto Punks and Raging Queens," an evening of monologues and songs inspired by the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. In September 2010 he was the musical director of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as part of Weathervane Playhouse's Young Actors Series. Robert Viagas, Aubrey Reuben, The Playbill Broadway Yearbook: June 2005 - May 2006, Hal Leonard Corporation, 2006

Enterprise coexistence

Enterprise coexistence refers to the means for users on different remote systems to communicate with each other seamlessly. This new technology is only just beginning to appear commercially; as a result, it's identified differently by different companies. Enterprise coexistence solutions include calendar free/busy scheduling as well as global address list management on each remote system. Additional features exist, such as mail routing; the remote systems during enterprise coexistence do not need to be the same type, allowing interoperability between different remote systems, such as G Suite and Exchange, whether cloud-based or on-premises. Each remote system communicates through a dedicated coexistence server, which acts as an interpreter between the two, passing information between systems in a format they recognize and accept; each system them passes the details back to the source of the request. Enterprise coexistence is used by businesses during mergers and specific collaborations; some businesses opt to use coexistence long-term.

It's gaining popularity as a solution when moving business software tools from on-premises-based software to the cloud, due to see an increase in 2017 and beyond. Free/busy scheduling allows users to query the availability of external resources. For example, if Jill at Business A proposes a time and date for a meeting with a Jack at Business B, she can check if Jack is free by sending a calendar look-up request adjust the meeting time accordingly, her server sends a message to the coexistence server which acts as a user at Business B to query Jack's calendar. When Business B's server provides the information to the coexistence server, the coexistence server passes this back to Jill at Business A; this can save time. Global address list management ensures that each server has an up-to-date and synchronized version of all users from all coexisting servers. For example, if Jack leaves Business B and his account is deleted, the global address list at Business B will be updated; the coexistence server will check for updates periodically automatically update the global address list at Business A so that the two are once again synchronized.

Deletions and additions are synchronized, so if Jack were valuable enough to be replaced, his replacement's details would be added to the address list both locally at Business B and at Business A. Mail routing during enterprise coexistence allows more than one remote server to share a single domain name. Although some examples of long-term usage may exist, mail routing is implemented during mergers or acquisitions, when data migration to a single remote system is planned


Anne Alaché Jon Ode, who goes by the stage name Alaché, is a Nigerian-American Christian musician and Christian R&B recording artist from Fairfax, who plays a Christian pop style of contemporary R&B and urban contemporary gospel music. She released, The Chronicles of the Mrs. an extended play, in 2015, with M. A. D. E. Entertainment, she was born, Anne Alaché Jon Ode, on November 5, 1982, in Nigeria, to an Air Force General father and a mother, a fashion designer, while has since relocated to Fairfax, where she is pursuing her music career and raising her two daughters with her husband, Audu Emmanuel Mark. Her music recording career started in 2005, but she did not gain attention until 2015, with the extended play, The Chronicles of the Mrs. on November 27, 2015, from M. A. D. E. Entertainment, she has released one studio album, It Is. Studio albumsIt Is What It Is: My Life EPsThe Chronicles of the Mrs. Official website