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Enhanced Random Article (source) is a script that adds a link above the "Random Article" link called "Enhanced Random Article". This script provides similar functionality to the built-in "Random Article" link, but there are three extra options, documented below.


To install this script, go to your custom JavaScript file and add the following to the bottom of it:

importScript('User:Gary/enhanced random article.js'); // [[User:Gary/enhanced random article.js]]


Default settings[edit]

enhancedRandomArticle = {
	patterns: [],
	showDisambiguationPages: false,
	showStubs: false

Custom settings[edit]

To change the default settings, copy the code above to your custom JavaScript file and change the values after the colons. The settings are explained in greater detail below. After changing the settings, bypass your browser's cache or wait a while to see your changes take effect.

The pattern that an article's title must match. It is case-sensitive. If more than one pattern is provided, then an article only needs to match one of the patterns.
Options: This can be a string, such as 'List' which would match article titles that contain "List"; or an array, such as ['a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u'] which would require that an article's title contain a vowel.
Set whether or not disambiguation pages are allowed to be shown.
Options: Can be either true (to allow disambiguation pages) or false (to disallow disambiguation pages).
Set whether or not stubs are allowed to be shown.
Options: Can be either true (to allow stubs) or false (to disallow stubs).