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The TFAR requests page is currently accepting nominations from November 30 to December 30.

Pending requests for dates before November 29, 2018, can be entered below. Articles on this list aren't automatically accepted, because TFA coords have a variety of constraints to meet when scheduling articles, and articles competing for the same dates might show up at TFAR.

Before nominating here, please check for dead links using checklinks or otherwise, and make sure all statements have good references. This is particularly important for older FAs and reruns.


Date Article Reason Primary author(s) Added by (if different)
December 6 Halifax Explosion Why Nikkimaria, Resolute NoGhost
December 8 Ian Johnson (cricketer) Why Mattinbgn Dweller
December 14 Morihei Ueshiba Why Yunshui Gerda Arendt
December 15 Hawker Hurricane in Yugoslav service Why Peacemaker67
December 22 Blast Corps Why Czar
December 28 Death of Leelah Alcorn Why Midnightblueowl
January 6, 2018 Gottlob Berger Why Peacemaker67 Peacemaker67
January 24, August Meyszner Why Peacemaker67 Peacemaker67
January 26 Australian Defence Force Why Nick-D, by request, as I recall
January 31 Nauru reed warbler Why J Milburn and Jimfbleak J Milburn
February 1, 250t-class torpedo boat Why Peacemaker67
February 2 Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin, BWV 125 Why Gerda Arendt
February 9 Guadalcanal Campaign Why Cla68. As they're indeffed, Kablammo Dweller
February 11 Van Diemen's Land v Port Phillip, 1851 Why Lourdes Gerda Arendt
February 28 "Donald Trump" (Last Week Tonight) Why Epicgenius, Another Believer
March 4 Miriam Makeba Why Vanamonde + Gerda Arendt
March 8 Louise Bryant Why Finetooth Gerda Arendt
April 22 Two-cent piece (United States) Why Ultimograph5
April 24 Yugoslav destroyer Dubrovnik Why Peacemaker67
May 5 Arlington, Washington Why SounderBruce
May 18 Richard Feynman Why Hawkeye7
July 18 Nelson Mandela Why Midnightblueowl‎‎, per request
October 1 Walt Disney World Railroad Why Jackdude101, by request

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