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Welcome to the Cleanup Department of WikiProject Tennis. This department is for recognizing and fixing tennis articles that are tagged as needing improvement.


Date: January 16, 2018
Articles: 31,316
Marked for cleanup: 3,702 (12%)
Issues: 5,283

The most recent cleanup listing can be found at: cleanup listing for tennis

Articles needing cleanup[edit]

Click on any of the links below to find articles with specific categories of problems.

All articles needing expert attention (3)
Vague or ambiguous time (5)
Wikipedia articles needing clarification (32)
Wikipedia articles needing context (514)
Wikipedia articles that are too technical (2)

All articles needing coordinates (6)
Articles containing potentially dated statements (216)
Articles needing cleanup (19)
Articles needing expert attention (3)
Articles that may be too long (1)
Articles to be expanded (133)
Articles to be merged (9)
Articles with obsolete information (3)
Articles with sections that need to be turned into prose (3)
Articles with topics of unclear notability (29)
Articles with weasel words (1)
Incomplete lists (3)
Wikipedia articles in need of updating (45)
Wikipedia articles needing reorganization (3)
Wikipedia articles needing style editing (9)
Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention (2)
Wikipedia introduction cleanup (576)
Wikipedia list cleanup (1)
Wikipedia pages needing cleanup (19)

Articles needing sections (1)
Articles slanted towards recent events (2)
Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls (3)

Articles with dead external links (183)
Articles with links needing disambiguation (2)
Articles with too few wikilinks (13)
Orphaned articles (27)
Wikipedia external links cleanup (4)

Accuracy disputes (8)
Articles that may contain original research (17)
Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction (1)
Articles with a promotional tone (8)
Articles with limited geographic scope (3)
Articles with minor POV problems (2)
Articles with peacock terms (3)
Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases (15)
NPOV disputes (5)
Wikipedia articles needing factual verification (2)
Wikipedia spam cleanup (4)

Articles lacking in-text citations (429)
Articles lacking reliable references (95)
Articles lacking sources (590)
Articles needing additional references (523)
Articles with broken or outdated citations (2)
Articles with failed verification (3)
Articles with unsourced statements (381)
BLP articles lacking sources (590)
CS1 errors: chapter ignored (4)
CS1 errors: dates (12)
Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters (1)
Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL (29)
Pages using citations with format and no URL (2)
Pages using web citations with no URL (2)
Pages with citations having bare URLs (35)
Pages with citations lacking titles (44)
Unreferenced BLPs (15)
Wikipedia articles needing page number citations (1)
Wikipedia references cleanup (7)

Cleanup tools[edit]

Wikipedia provides other tools to help editors clean up articles.