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Missing United States related articles[edit]


General education[edit]

Schools, institutions, organizations, and government agencies[edit]

Please note that except in exceptional circumstances, preschools, elementary and middle schools do not qualify to have an article on Wikipedia. Only diploma granting institutions.[citation needed]


Military History related[edit]

Airborne Reaction ForceBattle of the Green LineBattle of Yellow RiverCommando Basic Training CentreForward Operating Base MombasaIbis ProjectLittle Brown BearsMarine Security Force BermudaMaschke CommissionMelrose Air Force RangeMiddle East Conflicts Wall MemorialNaval Medical Clinic BermudaOfficer Cadet Training UnitOperation Iron BalancePersonnel Support Activity Detachment BermudaSmart acquisitionSpecial Air Mobile Force GroupSpecial Methods Training CentreStanding Consultative CommissionStrategic Consulting InternationalUdaire RangeUnit of Action (military)United States Army Personnel Research OfficeUnited States Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command1st Battalion 111th Field Artillery1st Battalion 623rd Field Artillery26th Brigade Special Troops BattalionKhiem ThaoPaul Johnson (air force)Taxation of the colonies; United States School Garden Army; Notable United States Coast Guard Auxiliarists; Awards and decorations of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary; United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Interpreter Corps; Director of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary; United States Coast Guard Auxiliary National Commodore; Missions of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary; United States Coast Guard Auxiliary National Executive Committee; Coast Guard Auxiliary Association


Cities & Towns[edit]

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Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods[edit]

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Roads, Streets[edit]


Natural land forms[edit]

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Parks and Camps[edit]

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  • New Hampshire Attorney General: there is no list of the office holders.
  • Michael Creppy
  • David Gardiner (public servant), climate change and energy policymaker and negotiator, Sierra Club Director of Legislative and Political Affairs, EPA Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning, and Evaluation. See [22] and [23] and [24]
  • Jasmine Grey Late Adult model. Passed away in a car accident. 1984-2005
  • Rohen Shah National Expert in Education. Rapper. Politician. Linguist. President of Far From Standard Tutoring (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Charles M Lankford, J from eastern VA (namesake of US 13 in that area)
  • Min-zhan Lu Author and Educator. Teaches English at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Wrote "Shanghai Quartet" (2001). Referenced in Basic writing. Wrote several articles ("From Silence to Words: Writing

as Struggle" published in College English).

Paralympic athletes from the United States of America[edit]


maybe Congressional picnic is also possible, it depend on the sources.--Alexmar983 (talk) 04:48, 26 June 2017 (UTC)

Acting Secretaries[edit]



Medal of Honor recipients[edit]

American Civil War (A—F)  Done
American Civil War (G—L)
Charles LambRobert GrahamJohn GrayM. R. William GrebeLuke M. GriswoldJohn HackSidney HaightJames HaleyThomas W. HamiltonAllexander HandMilton HannaDouglas HapemanBernard HarleyMoses HarrisJohn W. HartHarry HarveyFrank W. HaskellCharles HawkinsHarris S. HawthorneAsbury F. HaynesJoseph S. HedgesJohn HickmanHenry HillJames HillJames HillWilliam G. HillsWilliam HinnecanAddison J. HodgesFranklin HoganDaniel HolcombJames HolehouseLovilo N. HolmesCharles M. HoltonEdward A. HoltonGeorge W. Hooker] • Thomas Horan (soldier)James HortonLewis A. HortonEdward J. HoughtonWilliam HoultonHiram R. HowardJames HowardSquire E. HowardWilliam H. HoweAaron R. HudsonSamuel HymerLewis J. IngallsLeonidas H. InschoFrancis IrschPatrick IrwinFrederick R. JacksonEugene P. JacobsonErastus W. JewettHenry JohnsonJoseph E. JohnsonSamuel JohnsonWallace W. JohnsonDavid JohnstonWilliam P. JohnstonDavid JonesRobert JordanSimeon T. JosselynFrancis W. JudgeJohn KaiserJoseph KeeleJoseph S. KeenAndrew J. KelleyJohn KelleyThomas KellyJoseph KempWilliam W. KendallCharles KenyonJohn S. KenyonJames KephartRobert H. KingJohn KinseyCharles H. KnightWilliam J. Knight
American Civil War (M—P)
George MartinSylvester H. MartinWilliam MartinWilliam H. MathewsJohn C. MatthewsHenry B. MattinglyCharles P. MattocksWilliam MayWilliam B. MayesPeter McAdamsBenjamin F. McAlweeBernard McCarrenJoseph McCausllnCharles H. McClearyJames M. McClellandMatthew McClellandSamuel McConnellMichael McCormlckAndrew McCornackGeorge E. McDonaldJohn McDonaldJohn W. McDonaldSamuel O. McElhlnnyDaniel McFallEdward McGinnWilson McGonagleOwen McGoughThomas McGrawPatrick McGuireAlexander U. McHaleMartin McHughGeorge McKeeNineveh S. McKeenMichael McKeeverNathaniel A. McKownFrancis M. McMillenWalter F. McWhorterThomas MeagherGeorge W. MearsJohn W. MenterJames K. MerrifieldAugustus MerrillJohn G. MerrittHenry C. MeyerHenry A. MillerJacob C. MillerJames P. MillerJohn MillerWilliam E. MillerFrank W. MillsGeorge W. MindilAlexander H. MitchellTheodore MitchellArchibald MolbonePatrick MonaghanRobert MontgomeryCharles MooreCharles MooreGeorge MooreWilbur F. MooreDelano MoreyLewis MorganRichard H. MorganBenjamin MorseCharles W. MortonJohn W. MostollerWalter L. MundellHarvey M. MunsellCharles J. MurphyDaniel J. MurphyJames T. MurphyJohn P. MurphyRobinson B. MurphyThomas MurphyThomas C. MurphyThomas J. MurphyGeorge S. MyersWilliam H. MyersHenry H. NashEdwin M. NevilleMarcellus J. NewmanWilliam H. NewmanJohn H. NibbeHenry C. NicholsJohn J. NolanConrad NollJasper N. NorthElliott M. NortonJohn R. NortonLlewellyn P. NortonLee NuttingJames R. O'BeirneHenry D. O'BrienTimothy O'ConnorStephen O'NeillCharles OliverJohn N. OpelCharles A. OrrRobert L. OrrJacob G. OrthWilliam H. OsborneJacob H. OverturfLoron F. PackardGeorge H. PalmerJohn G. PalmerThomas ParkerJames W. ParksJoel ParsonsWilliam H. PaulByron E. PayIrvin C. PayneThomas H. L. PaynePlatt PearsallCassius PeckJames K. PeirsolPatrick H. PentzerThomas PerryJoseph PeschHenry C. PetersAlfred PetersonPhilip PettyEdward M. PikeJames PipesHenry E. PlantWilliam PlimleyAmbrose PorterJohn R. PorterWilliam PorterJames P. PostlesGeorge W. PotterNorman F. PotterAlbert PowerWesley J. PowersJoseph R. PrenticeNoble D. PrestonHiram W. PurcellJames J. PurmanEdgar P. Putnam
American Civil War (Q—S)
Peter RaffertyCharles F. RandJacob F. RaubWilliam H. RaymondMorton A. ReadWilliam H. ReddickAxel H. ReedCharles W. ReedWilliam ReedCharles A. ReederJeremiah ReganJ. Monroe ReisingerJulius D. RhodesCharles RiceCarlos H. RichWilliam R. RichardsonWilliam E. RicheyJohn H. RickseckerRudolph RiddellThomas RileyAugustus I. RobbinsJames RobertsOtis O. RobertsRobert S. RobertsonSamuel RobertsonGeorge F. RobieAlexander RobinsonJohn H. RobinsonFrederick RockFerdinand F. RohmOliver P. RoodMarion A. RossStephen RoughtLewis A. RoundsJohn RountryJ. Levi RoushArchibald H. Rowand, Jr.Henry W. RoweJohn Rush (Medal of Honor)Milton RussellJohn T. RutherfordJames M. RutterLouis J. SacristeCharles F. SancrainteWilliam SandsJacob SanfordJackson SargentHenry SartwellJames SaundersEdwin F. SavacoolPatrick ScanlanMartin E. ScheibnerPhilipp SchlachterGeorge W. SchmalAndrew SchmauchWilliam SchmidtGeorge SchneiderChristian SchnellDavid H. SchofieldCharles SchornMartin SchubertJohn M. ScottElisha B. SeamanAlfred J. SellersEmisire ShahanJohn ShaplandMarshall ShermanJohn ShielBernard ShieldsJohn ShillingRobert F. ShipleyGeorge J. ShoppJoseph H. SheaJohn S. ShellenbergerIrwin ShepardWilliam ShepherdMarshall ShermanJohn ShielBernard ShieldsJohn ShillingRobert F. ShipleyGeorge J. ShoppFrank ShubertGeorge E. SidmanJohn SimmonsWilliam T. SimmonsCharles J. SimonsHenry SivelJoseph A. SladenOscar SlagleSamuel SlavensAndrew J. SloanHenry C. SlusherReuben SmalleyReuben S. SmalleyCharles H. SmithCharles H. SmithDavid L. SmithHenry I. SmithJames SmithOtis W. SmithRichard SmithS. Rodmond SmithThaddeus S. SmithWilson SmithJames SneddenJoseph E. SovaMichael SowersWilliam J. SperryTimothy SpillaneBenona SpragueAndrew B. SpurlingCharles StaceyJohn H. StarkinsJohn W. SteeleWilliam G. StephensGeorge W. StewartJoseph StickelsGeorge H. StockmanGeorge StokesFrank StolzJohn H. R. StoreyBernard A. StrausbaughChristian StreileJames N. StrongJames K. SturgeonJames C. SummersWilliam H. SurlesCharles A. SwanJacob E. SwapJoseph S. G. SweattJacob SwegheimerFrederic W. SwiftHarlan J. SwiftPeter Sype
American Civil War (T—Z)
Charles B. TannerBenjamin ThackrahSidney W. ThaxterGeorge W. ThompkinsCharles A. ThompsonFreeman C. ThompsonJ. Harry ThompsonThomas W. ThompsonClifford ThomsonEugene M. TinkhamJames W. TobanEdward P. TobieAndrew J. TozierWilliam G. TracyAndrew TraynorHenry E. TremainM. Emmet UrellEdward Van WinkleMoses VealeJames D. VernayJames C. WalkerWilliam H. WallingGeorge W. WaltonHenry C. WarfelDavid WarrenJames WebbAlason P. WebberCharles H. WeeksJohn H. WeeksHenry C. WeirGeorge W. WelchRichard WelchStephen WelchHenry S. WellsJames WelshDaniel D. WheelerHenry W. WheelerEdward W. WhitakerAdam WhiteJ. Henry WhiteJohn M. WhiteheadFrank M. WhitmanJohn WhitmoreAndrew J. WidickJames WileyGeorge WilhelmHenry WilkesPerry WilkesLeander A. WilkinsElwood N. WilliamsRobert WilliamsCharles E. WilsonChristopher W. WilsonFrancis A. WilsonJohn WilsonJohn A. WilsonLewis S. WisnerJohn WollamH. Clay WoodRichard H. WoodAlonzo WoodruffDaniel A. WoodsSamuel WoodsEvan M. WoodwardWilliam J. WrayAlbert D. WrightRobert WrightSamuel WrightWilliam WrightJacob F. YeagerBenjamin F. Young
Indian Wars
Heinrich BertramDaniel BishopJames BlairSamuel BowdenSanford BradburyEdward BranaganAbram B. BrantFrank BratlingJames BrophyJames BrownLorenzo D. BrownPatrick J. BurkeRichard BurkeJames S. CalvertHeth CanfieldJohn CarrThomas CarrollGeorge CarterJohn E. ClancyWilfred ClarkSamuel H. CraigCharles CrandallJohn CristBanjamin C. CriswellWilliam G. CubberlyCharles CunninghamCharles DailyJames T. DanielsMichael DawsonWilliam L. DayWilliam De ArmondGeorge DearyFrederick DeetlineCharles H. DickensJohn L. DonahueCornelius DonavanJohn S. DonellyJames B. DoshierWilliam DoughertyJames DowlingPeter W. GardinerHarry GarlandGeorge GatesThomas H. GayJohn GeorgianJohn J. GivenAlbert GlavinskiT. B. GloverMichael GlynnGeorge GrantJacob GuntherJohn HaddooJohn HallFrank HamiltonMathew H. HamiltonRichard P. HanleyMosher A. HardingJohn HarringtonCharles D. HarrisDavid W. HarrisWilliam M. HarrisJoshija B. HartzogPaul HauptFred S. HayRichard HearteryClamor HeiseLeander HerronThomas P. HigginsJames M. HillMarvin C. HillockMichael HimmelsbackLehmann HinemannGeorge HobdayHenry HoldenDavid HollandGeorge HookerSamuel HooverSimpson HornadayThomas HubbardJames W. HuffFred O. HuntRufus D. HutchinsonJohn KayBartholomew T. KeenanCharles KelleyJohn J. H. KellyThomas KellyPhilip KennedyThomas KerriganJohn KilmartinJohn KirkGeorge K. KitchenAlbert KnaakJoseph F. KnightJohn W. KnoxWilliam KoelpinWendelin KreherJohn KyleDavid LarkinJames LawrenceJohn S. LawtonJames LenihanWilliam B. LewisThomas LittleFrancis W. LohnesJames LowthersGeorge LoydLeonidas S. LytleJeptha L. LyttonHerbert MahersGregory MahoneyPatrick MartinDavid A. MatthewsBernard McCannMichael McCormickJames McDonaldRobert McDonaldMichael A. McGannOwen McGarJohn McHughDaniel McKinleyMichael McLoughlinAlbert W. McMillanJames McNallyWilliam McNamaraRobert McPhelanCharles H. McVeaghNicholas MeaherHenry W. B. MechlinDaniel H. MillerGeorge MillerGeorge W. MillerJohn MitchellJohn J. MitchellCharles H. MontroseGeorge MoquinJohn MoriarityJames L. MorrisJohn MottEdward MurphyEdward F. MurphyJeremiah MurphyPhilip MurphyThomas MurphyThomas MurrayFred MyersEdward PengallyJosiah PennsylEdwin PhoenixFrederick PlattenJohn A. PoppeSamuel PorterThomas PowersJames PrattJohn RaerickTheodore RagnarWilliam RankinJames C. ReedSamuel RichmanHampton M. RoachJoseph RobinsonDavid RocheHenry RomeynEdward RooneyPeter RothJohn F. RowaltStanislaus RoyJames RussellDavid RyanDennis RyanGeorge D. ScottRobert B. ScottWilliam ShafferEdward C. SharplessJohn SheerinCharles SheppardJohn H. ShingleJohn O. SkinnerAndrew J. SmithCharles E. SmithGeorge W. SmithOtto SmithRobert SmithTheodore F. SmithElmer A. SnowOrizoba SpenceGeorge SpringerEben StanleyEdward StanleyAlonzo StokesWilliam H. StrayerBenoni StrivsonJohn A. SutherlandAllen WalkerWilliam WallaceCharles H. WardJames C. WatsonJoseph WatsonEnoch R. WeissCharles H. WelchMichael WelchPatton G. WhiteheadJacob WidmerBenjamin WilsonCharles WilsonMilden H. WilsonWilliam WinterbottomJoseph Witcome
World War II  Done



Henry Tamarin, labor leader, former president of Local #1 of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees (HERE) union in Chicago, and later the merged UNITE HERE Local 1. He took over leadership of the local union from a court appointed monitor, who had managed it in the wake of the departure of its controversial president Edward T. Hanley ( Tamarin's notability hinges largely on the big boosts in pay he secured for about 7,000 workers at Chicago hotels, largely immigrant workers in housekeeping type jobs. Under Hanley, Chicago pay scales seriously lagged those in New York and Los Angeles, and under Tamarin the gap was significantly narrowed ( Tamarin, and outsider within the Chicago labor community (not one 'of the boys', and having been raised in New York), has not gotten the attention he should, as one of the city's greatest labor leaders in the 21st century.