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Wilhelm von Rümann

Wilhelm von Rümann was a prominent German sculptor, based in Munich. Rümann was born in Hanover, he studied from 1872 to 1874 at the Academy of Fine Arts and from 1880 with Michael Wagmüller. From 1887 he taught at the Academy of Munich. In 1891 he was raised to the nobility; as well as numerous funerary monuments in the Alter Südfriedhof in Munich, he created sculptures which are still to be seen in the city: monuments for Georg Simon Ohm, Max von Pettenkofer and Carl von Effner at the Maximiliansplatz, the Puttenbrunnen at the Peace Monument in the Prinzregentenstraße and the marble lions in front of the Feldherrnhalle. Among his pupils were Bernhard Bleeker, Emil Julius Epple, Jakob Hofmann, Moissey Kogan, Martin Scheible and Alois Mayer, he died in Ajaccio, is buried in the Nordfriedhof, Munich. Chemnitz: Kaiser Wilhelm I: equestrian statue in the market place. In: Ulrich Thieme, Felix Becker u. a.: Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Künstler von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Band 29, E. A. Seemann, Leipzig 1935 Matrikeldatenbank der Akademie der Bildenden Künste: Wilhelm von Rümann

Sexual Harassment (The Office)

"Sexual Harassment" is the second episode of the second season of the American comedy television series The Office, the show's eighth episode overall. The episode was directed by Ken Kwapis; the episode first aired in the United States on September 27, 2005 on NBC. "Sexual Harassment" introduced the character of Todd Packer, played by David Koechner, who would become a recurring character on the series. The series depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. In this episode, Michael Scott is concerned when he believes Dunder Mifflin is targeting him for sexual harassment training. Meanwhile, Pam Beesly anxiously awaits the arrival of her mother, Michael's obnoxious friend Todd Packer spends the day in the office. Novak was inspired to write the episode after attending an NBC sexual harassment seminar that the cast and crew had to attend before the series began. Many jokes and personal experiences involving sexual harassment were added into the script.

This episode aired with a warning that it contained adult content and subject matter, rare for a network comedy. Novak explained. One station refused to air the episode due to the language. "Sexual Harassment" received moderately positive reviews from television critics. The episode was viewed by 7.13 million viewers. Michael Scott's "best friend forever" Todd Packer offends the staff with crude gossip about an upper management scandal. Toby Flenderson informs Michael that he will conduct a review of the company's sexual harassment policies because the CFO resigned after allegations made by his secretary. Michael's indignation that this will put a damper on his easygoing office environment rises to outrage when he learns that the corporate headquarters is sending down a lawyer to talk to him. Michael and the warehouse staff mock the sexual harassment video, but the crude remarks come to a screeching halt when Jan Levinson and the lawyer arrive from Corporate. While Michael angrily announces that he can no longer be friends with his staff and that he will never tell another joke again, Jim Halpert goads Michael into breaking his vow to the approval of Packer.

Michael's attitude changes when he realizes that he is not in trouble, that the lawyer's job is to protect him. After Packer tells a crude joke at the expense of Phyllis, Michael defends her, telling the entire office that he finds Phyllis attractive and that the only thing he worries about when he is near her "is getting a boner". Meanwhile, Pam Beesly waits with anticipation for her mother to arrive from out of town. Pam's mother arrives and asks in whispers, "Which one is Jim?" Michael stops Packer when he tries to share another inappropriate joke and concludes with his misguided thoughts on sexual harassment. "Sexual Harassment" was written by B. J. Novak, who acts on the show as Ryan Howard; the episode was the third entry of the series directed by Ken Kwapis. Kwapis had directed "Pilot" and "Diversity Day"; the inspiration for the episode was the NBC sexual harassment seminar that the cast and crew had to attend before the series began. Having both worked in office environments prior to filming The Office, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey both noted that on the days of sexual harassment seminars, they would be harassed by their co-workers as a joke.

This experience was added to the script for the episode. "Sexual Harassment" introduces Michael's catchphrase "That's what she said," which writer B. J. Novak says was something he heard repeated in college; the "What has two thumbs and X? This guy" joke comes from Novak's college days. Jenna Fischer revealed that a good majority of Dwight's exchange with Toby about female anatomy was improvised; when it came time to cast Todd Packer, the crew's first choice was David Koechner, who had starred alongside Carell in the hit 2004 comedy movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Production for the episode had to be delayed. Novak noted that Koechner was one of the few actors, "talented enough to make Steve Carell break up on set", a feat that he notes was "worth" the delays; when deciding what car Packer would own, writer B. J. Novak wanted to use a Mustang, but none were available. Producer Kent Zbornak decided to get Packer a red Chevrolet Corvette, which Novak now admits is "even better"; this episode aired with a warning that it contained adult content and subject matter, rare for a network comedy.

Novak explained that he had to fight NBC to get the word "boner" on the air because the replacement—"schwing"—did not have, according to Novak, "the same redemption for Michael at the end." The disclaimer was a compromise. A station in Kentucky refused to air this episode. Pam's mother was played by Shannon Cochran in this episode of the series, in the first appearance of the character at this point in the show. Cochran was unable to return to play the character for the season six episode "Niagara", due to scheduling conflicts with a year-long theater contract, was thus replaced by Linda Purl. Michael forwards Jim a joke chain-email entitled "Fifty Signs Your Priest Might Be Michael Jackson". Michael compares the members of the office to the cast of Friends, saying that he is both Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani and Pam is Rachel Green, he claims that Dwight is Cosmo Kramer, failing to realize that he is a character in the sitcom Seinfeld and not Friends. Todd Packer's license plate reads "WLHUNG", a reference to a large p

Serenay Öziri

Serenay Öziri is a Turkish women's football defender playing in the First League for Fatih Vatan Spor with jersey number 4. She was a member of Turkey women's U-19 teams. Serenay Öziri was born in Gölcük, Turkey on December 21, 1994, she studies physical education teaching at Kocaeli University. Öziri played football at a young age with her elder brother. She played on the street with boys, she began competitive football playing when her physical education teacher formed a girls' team at her school. She played for her school team of Kocaeli Karşıyaka High School at the 2011 ISF World School Football Championship held in Fortaleza, Brazil, her team became the runner-up losing to the German team in the final. She became the top scorer of the tournament. Although playing in the midfield, she is well known for her long-distance goals. Öziri obtained her license from her hometown's club Gölcükspor on June 10, 2008. After playing two seasons in the Women's Second League with her team, she appeared in the Women's First League in the 2010–11 season following her team's promotion.

She transferred to İzmit Belediyespor. After one season, she was with İzmit Çenesuyu Plajyoluspor again in the Second League, her next transfer went to Derince Belediyespor in the second half of the 2012–13 season to appear in the First League. She transferred to the Istanbul-based Second League playing club Kireçburnu Spor in the 2014–15 season, enjoyed her team's promotion to the First League at the end of the season. After playing three seasons in total, Öziri signed with Kdz. Ereğlispor for the 2017–18 season. By October 2019, she transferred to the Istanbul-based club Fatih Vatan Spor. Öziri was admitted to the Turkey girls' national U-17 team, debuted at the 2010 UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship – First qualifying round against Denmark on October 10, 2009. She took part at the 2011 UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship – First qualifying round, she was capped six times in total for the Turkey U-17 team. She joined the Turkey women's national U-19 playing at the 2013 UEFA Women's U-19 Championship First qualifying round – Group 5 match against Norway on October 20, 2012.

She was capped in two games. In 2018, she was a member of her alma mata's futsal team, which became champion of the Turkish Intra-University Women's Futsal Super League; as of December 8, 2019. Turkish Women's Second League Gölcükspor Winners: 2009–10Kireçburnu Spor Winners: 2014–15

Neil Peter Jampolis

Neil Peter Jampolis was a light designer, set designer, stage director. He was best known for the light designing he did for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s 1975 production of Sherlock Holmes for which he won a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award. Jampolis went on to win an American Theatre Wing Hewes Design Award in 1982 and three more Tony Award nominations for The Innocents and Blue, Orpheus Descending, he won a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for lighting Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner's Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. Jampolis had worked as either a light designer, set designer, or stage director with Pilobolus Dance Theatre the Vienna State Opera, La Scala, the Metropolitan Opera, the Santa Fe Opera, Opera Pacific, the New York City Opera, Pasadena Playhouse, Hollywood's Matrix Theatre among others, he was most one of the main light designers for the Seattle Opera and a distinguished professor of theatre at UCLA's School of Theatre and Television. He occasionally worked as a stage director and set designer for Seattle Opera

Brandon Roberts (American football)

Brandon Roberts is the youngest son of Jerry and Constance Roberts and younger brother of Brian. He attended Akron Public Schools; because of his academic achievements, he was selected to attend Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio. Roberts transferred to Archbishop Hoban High School for his junior and senior years, where he graduated in 1999. Roberts attended Washington University in St. Louis as a member of the university's John B. Ervin Scholars Program and a recipient of the School of Engineering's Stanley C. Pace Endowed Scholarship. One of the most well-balanced scholar-athletes in NCAA Division III history, Roberts earned high honors in working towards a degree in biomedical engineering, while establishing himself as one of the nation's elite linebackers. A regular dean's list selection, Roberts earned Verizon Academic All-America honors in each of his sophomore through senior seasons. Throughout his college career, Roberts accumulated accolades including the Washington University 2003 Gwendolyn Drew Award for superior academic standing and contributing positively to varsity athletics, the 2002 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Postgraduate Scholarship Finalist Award, the Washington University 2003 Ethan A.

H Shepley Award for leadership and service to the campus community. As a two-time All-Conference First Team selection, Roberts played on a defense that ranked in the top 20 nationally in each of his last three seasons. Through six games in his senior season in 2002, Roberts led the UAA conference with 68 tackles, ranking him 19th in the nation, before suffering a season and career ending knee injury prior to beginning conference play. With 338 career tackles and 12.5 sacks, he ranks among the greatest defensive players to play for Washington University. He was inducted into the Washington University in St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame in 2016. In December 2002, Roberts' athletic and academic careers were highlighted when he was selected as the winner of the National Football Foundation’s Vincent DePaul Draddy Trophy. Referred to as the "Academic Heisman," the award is given to the nation's top scholar-athlete and awards a $25,000 postgraduate scholarship. Roberts is the only non-Division I player to receive the award.

The Campbell Trophy has become one of college football's most sought and competitive awards, recognizing an individual as the absolute best in the country for his combined academic success, football performance, exemplary community leadership. The award comes with a 24-inch, 25-pound bronze trophy, prominently displayed in an exhibit at the New York Athletic Club's Hall of Fame. Although Roberts was accepted into medical school as a senior in college, he was allowed to defer his admission for a year in order to serve as an academic coach with the National Football Foundation’s Play it Smart Program. Roberts worked as an academic mentor and counselor for student athletes at Vashon High School where he conducted tutoring sessions, study halls, ACT preparation classes, organized community service events, he volunteered as a defensive assistant for the Vashon High School junior varsity and varsity football teams, he helped the varsity team reach and win their first state playoff game in school history.

Roberts subsequently returned to his home state of Ohio for medical school at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. In 2008, he was awarded the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine’s Dean’s Award, recognizing a member of the graduating class who exemplifies outstanding service and dedication to his classmates in assisting in the achievement of their educational goals. After graduation in 2008, Roberts returned to St. LouisWashington University School of Medicine for his residency at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, he is a pediatric anesthesiologist at Dayton Children's Hospital, lives in Dayton, OH with his wife and children

Mac Aodhagáin

Mac Aodhagáin, is an Irish Gaelic clan of Brehons who were hereditary lawyers - firstly to the Ó Conchobhair Kings of Connacht, to the Burkes of Clanricarde. The earliest surviving Irish law manuscript, In Senchas Már, was written prior to 1350 at a school at Duniry, near Loughrea. Other branches of the clann maintained schools at Park, outside Tuam, at Ballymacegan in Co. Tipperary; the work known as Leabhar Breac was produced by one of their students, while Dubhaltach MacFhirbhisigh may have studied at Ballymacegan under Flann Mac Aodhagáin up to the year 1643. The surname has been Anglicised in a variety of ways, including as Mac Egan, Eagan, Keegan, or Keigan, McKiegan, McKagan. AC1225.30 Tadc O Finnachta, an officer of Aed son of Ruaidri was killed by Mac Aedacan's men on a plundering raid in this same war. AC1273.4 Jordan d'Exeter raided the Corann, a few of the Connacht princes came up with his party. M1474.21 Gilla-Finn Mac Egan, Ollav to O'Conor Faly... died. Gilla Fionn Mac Aodhagáin, Ollamh Ó Conchubhair Failghe M1486.29 Teige Mac Egan, Ollav of Annaly, was slain in an abominable manner by the descendants of Irial O'Farrell.

Teige Mac Aodhagáin M1487.24 John, the son of Conor Mac Egan, Ollav of Clanrickard, Hugh, the son of Brian, son of Farrel Roe O'Higgin, died. Sean mac Conchubhair Mac Aodhagáin M1529.8 Cosnamhach, the son of Farrell, son of Donough Duv Mac Egan, the most distinguished adept in the Fenechas and lay Brehonship, in all the Irish territories and was interred at Elphin. An Cosnamhach Mac Aodhagáin M1529.9 Mac Egan of Ormond, head of the learned of Leath-Mhogha in Feneachus and poetry, died. Domhnall mac Aedh Mac Aodhagáin Muirchertach Mac Aodhagáin | |_______________________________________________ | | | | | | Saérbrethach Donnchad Mór Mael Ísu | | | | | | Mac Aodhagáin Mac Aodhagáin of Connacht, Magnus of Munster Westmeath and Leinster | | Aed | | Domnall | | Aed Gilla Ísa Muirchertach Mac Aodhagáin | |_______________________________________________ | | | | | | Saérbrethach Donnchad Mór Mael Ísu | |_____________________________________________________________ | | | | | | Gilla na Naem Fland Fingin | | | |__________________ | | | | Saérbrethach Fingin | | | | Saérbrethach Dond Sléibhe | | | | Mael Isu Ruadh, Saerdalach | | d. 1317.

Fland Gilla na Naem | | | |_________________________ Tomás | | | | | | | | Conchobar Cairbre Fiachra Tomás Aimréid | | |_______________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Conchobar | | | | | Gilla na Naem, d. 1399. Aed, d. 1359. Tadcc Donall, d. 1413. | | | Cairbre |______________________________________________ | | | | | Conchobar | | | | | Gilla na Naem, d. 1443. Aed Domnall Donnchad _____________|_____________________________ | | | | | _________________| ______________________|________________ | | | | | | | | | | Sean Tadcc Baethgalach | | | | | | | | | Gilla na Naem Cairbre Aed Fergal Conchobar Muirchertach Eogan | |_________ | | | | | | | | | ___________________________|_______________________ | | Dom