William Bridgeman (MP for Bramber)

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William Bridgeman FRS (c.1646 – 10 May 1699) was a senior English civil servant and MP.

He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the son of Richard Bridgeman, a merchant for the East India Company and was the cousin of Sir Orlando Bridgeman, 1st Baronet, of Ridley. He entered Queen's College, Oxford, matriculating in 1662.[1] He became a naturalised British subject in 1657 and lived at Combes Hall, near Stowmarket, Suffolk.[2]

He became a civil servant and occupied a number of important posts, viz. Under-Secretary of State (1667-1681, 1683-1689, 1690-1692, 163-1694); Commissioner for Assessment for Westminster (1679-1680), 1689-1690); Clerk of the Privy Council (1685-1689, 1693-death); Registrar of the Ecclesiastical Commission (1687-1688); Member of the Royal Fisheries, Ireland (1692); Secretary to the Admiralty (1694-1698). He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1679.[2]

He was also returned as MP for Bramber, Sussex for 1685 to 1687 and served as Deputy Lieutenant of Middlesex from 1692 to his death in 1699.[2]

He had married Diana, daughter of Peter Vernatt.[2]


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