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William Talbot was an Irish Jacobite soldier. He served in James II's Irish Army during the Williamite War in Ireland. He is often referred to as "Wicked Will" Talbot.

Talbot came from an Old English family of Roman Catholics from Templeogue in County Dublin, part of the historic Pale. The son of Sir Henry Talbot and Margaret Talbot, he was also the nephew of Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell. His appoinment as Lieutenant Colonel of an infantry regiment probably owed much to his connections with Tyrconnell, who was appointed as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland by James II. William Talbot was one of a number of Tyrconnell's relatives to be given commands, including William's brother James Talbot.[1]

He was wounded and captured by the Williamite garrison during fighting around Windmill Hill at the Siege of Derry in 1689.[2] The Governor of Derry George Walker offered to release him in exchange for a £500 ransom, but this was fiercely opposed by many of the townspeople and Walker was forced to abandon the plan. Shortly afterwards Talbot died of his wounds while still in captivity.[3] He was one of a significant number of Jacobite officers to be lost during the ultimately unsuccessful Siege of Derry.


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