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Wimpkiller is a zine published by Michael Rice and Dave Rupert. Founded in a Houston suburb some time between 1989 and 2002 as a self-published print zine, Wimpkiller's popularity quickly spread beyond Houston to develop reader bases in Austin, TX, Durham, NC, Europe and Japan.

The name[edit]

A common question from new readers is where Wimpkiller acquired its unusual - and violent - name; the publishers found a t-shirt in a thrift store with "Wimp Killer" printed on the front. They found it amusing enough to name their zine after.


As the Internet became a popular and accessible publishing platform, Wimpkiller was a vanguard of the migration from print to online publishing. Wimpkiller currently exists as an Internet-only publication. Along with its zine format, Wimpkiller is also the home of the links of Wimpkillers' Blogs, and the Wimpkiller Bulletin Board, an area where all of the "Wimpkillers" can communicate about subjects ranging from the very popular "Word Association" threads, announcements of special events, and asking other Wimpkillers for help moving.


External links[edit]

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