Wind of 120 days

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Wind of 120 days (Persian: باد صد و بیست روزه‎) is a strong Summer wind that blows from late in May to late in September in the east and southeast of the Iranian Plateau.[1] It's known as wind of 120 days because it blows for four months.[2] The usual speed of the wind is around 30–40 km per hour or less, but seldom it can exceed 100–110 km per hour.[1] The direction of the wind is fairly constant.[3] Wind of 120 days is one of the two well-known winds in Iran, the other being Shamal.[4]

The wind originates from the central deserts in Iran and blows toward Sistan and Baluchestan Province. It's hot and carries abrasive sand and particles.[5] This wind together with a high temperature is a cause of intense evaporation of sheets of water in Sistan.[6]