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Constructed in 1998, Windpark Holtriem is one of the largest European windfarms, comprising thirty-three Enercon E-66 wind turbines. Holtriem is a low-lying area adjacent to the North Sea in East Frisia (Lower Saxony, Germany).

One wind turbine, situated at 53°34′52″N 7°28′31″E / 53.58111°N 7.47528°E / 53.58111; 7.47528 is equipped with an observation deck open to visitors, at a height of 63 metres. It can be reached by 297 stairs.[1]

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Coordinates: 53°36′37″N 7°25′45″E / 53.61028°N 7.42917°E / 53.61028; 7.42917