Windsor City Hall

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Windsor City Hall
Windsor city hall.JPG
General information
TypeCity hall
Location350 City Hall Square West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9A 6S1
Coordinates42°19′0.31″N 83°02′06.3″W / 42.3167528°N 83.035083°W / 42.3167528; -83.035083Coordinates: 42°19′0.31″N 83°02′06.3″W / 42.3167528°N 83.035083°W / 42.3167528; -83.035083
Construction started1955
RenovatedMay 22, 2018
CostCA$2,100,000 (equivalent to $19,149,650 in 2017)[1]
OwnerCity of Windsor
Technical details
Floor count4

The Windsor City Hall is currently home to the Windsor City Council and office of the mayor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The Windsor City Hall consists of 2 buildings both situated in the Windsor's City Hall Square. The main city hall building is located on 350 City Hall Square West, where it was formerly Central Public School prior to construction in 1955.[1]


The site of the hall was previously Central Public School, thereafter the city purchased the property in 1904 and served it as the city hall. On 1955, construction began and the building was completed on 1956.[1][2] In 2005, an additional building part of the Windsor City Hall campus was opened and was located across the street from the city hall on 400 City Hall Square.[3] The second building today now serves various public services.[4]


Plans to demolish the building after concerns of aging and structural issues started being brought up in 1990s. A new building was a topic during the 2014 budget meeting in 2013.[5] A council vote was in favour of a new building which was passed 10 to 1.[6] In October 2014, the Windsor City Council approved plans to demolish the original city hall and build a newer building.[7] Construction of the new building was originally scheduled to start late 2015 and be completed in 2017-2018,[5][7] but the actual construction began in mid-2016.[8] The project is estimated to cost $23 million.[9] The new city hall is open to the public on May 22, 2018.[10] The grand opening took place on May 26, 2018.[11]


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