Winsome Hall Andrew

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Winsome Hall Andrew
Born Winsome Alice Hall
Woolahra, New South Wales
Died 1997
Nationality Australian
Alma mater University of Sydney
Occupation Architect

Winsome Hall Andrew (1905–1997) was an Australian architect.

Andrew was born in Woollahra, New South Wales in 1905, she was the fifth child born of ten to Arthur Hall and Susy Foy. Being raised in a middle-class family, Winsome and her siblings had a tough upbringing due to their mother coming from a wealthy family and their father working for the New South Wales public service as a surveyor on a clerical wage. Arthur Hall had a strict eye for perfection and only expected the highest of standards from his sons and daughters. Winsome attended Sydney Girls High School where she was an outstanding student both academically and athletically,[1] this ensured her a scholarship to study architecture at the University of Sydney from 1922 to graduate in 1928, where she was the sole woman in her year and the only woman graduate to proceed to find employment.[2] Winsome’s life at university were some of her best as she attended theatres and balls, settled down to a long term boyfriend (potential fiancé) and started to cement herself within the confines of a looming architectural profession.

Notable projects[edit]

  • St. Ignatius Church. Taralga, New South Wales. 1933.

Blueprints drafted by Winsome under the name of Clement Glancey.

  • Stockleigh Hall. Regent Park, London. 1934.

Acted as a senior assistant at Robert Atkinson’s office.

  • Police Section House residential block. Scotland Yard, London. 1936.

Acted as job captain at Stanley Livrock’s office.

  • Manly Surf Club. Manly, New South Wales. 1936.

Partnered with Eric W. Andrew.

  • American Embassy Building. Canberra, New South Wales. 1939

Drafted by Winsome under Malcolm Mior and Heather Sutherland.

  • Proposed student hostel and lecture room. Canberra, New South Wales. 1939

Drafted by Winsome under Malcolm Mior and Heather Sutherland, never built.

  • Anzac House. Sydney, New South Wales. 1948

Project architect for Eric W. Andrew competition entry, never built.

  • Alterations to Edgworth School. Vaucluse, New South Wales. 1948.

Winsome added a glass room, a flat and veranda.

  • Ryde housing scheme. Ryde, New South Wales. Late 1950’s.

Designed by the Andrew in conjunction with Spencer John Raymond

  • Australian Institute of Builders Headquarters. Canberra, New South Wales. 1956

Partnered with Eric W. Andrew


  • 1934 RIBA competitions Medal, Stockleigh Hall at Regent Park
  • 1936 RIBA competitions Medal, Police Section House residential block
  • 1939 Sulman Award (winner), Manly Surf Pavilion
  • 1948 Anzac House Competition (second place), Anzac House


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