Wiradhuric languages

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Central New South Wales
New South Wales
Linguistic classification Pama–Nyungan
  • Southeastern
    • Wiradhuric
Glottolog wira1261[1]
Wiradhuric languages (green) among other Pama–Nyungan (tan)

The Wiradhuric languages, or Central (Inland) New South Wales, are a family of Pama–Nyungan languages of Australia. There are three languages:

All are now moribund.

Wiradhuri and Ngiyambaa appear to be more closely related to each other than to Gamilaraay, as they show some common features that Gamilaraay lacks. The languages are close enough to be accepted as related in the conservative classification of Dixon (2002). Bowern (2011) lists the Yuwaaliyaay and Yuwaalaraay varieties of Gamilaraay as separate languages.[2] Bigambal may have been another, if it wasn't one of the Banjalung languages. The Gujambal language has been listed as Wiradhuric, but is undocumented.


Wiradhuric Non-Wiradhuric
Wiradhuri Ngiyambaa Gamilaraay Baagandji
ngandhi ngandi- ngaana wintyika who?
minyang minja- minya minha what?
ngadhuu ngadhu ngaya ngathu I
ngali ngalii ngali ngali we two
ngiyani ngiyanu / ngiyani ngiyaani ngina we (pl.)
nginduu ngindu nginda ngintu you (sg.)
nginduu buula ngindubula ngindaali ngupa you two
nginduugirr ngindugal ngindaay ngurta you (pl.)

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