Wiraqucha Pirqa

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Wiraqucha Pirqa
Wiraqucha Pirqa is located in Peru
Wiraqucha Pirqa
Shown within Peru
Location Peru
Region Huancavelica Region, Huaytara Province, Quito-Arma District
Coordinates 13°31′51″S 75°20′44″W / 13.5307°S 75.3456°W / -13.5307; -75.3456Coordinates: 13°31′51″S 75°20′44″W / 13.5307°S 75.3456°W / -13.5307; -75.3456
Height 3,781 metres (12,405 ft)

Wiraqucha Pirqa (Quechua wira fat, qucha lake, wiraqucha or Wiraqucha mister, sir, gentleman / god / one of the greatest Andean divinities (Wiraqucha) / the eighth emperor of the Tawantinsuyu (Wiraqucha Inka), pirqa wall)[1] is an archaeological site in Peru. It is located in the Huancavelica Region, Huaytara Province, Quito-Arma District, at a height of 3,781 metres (12,405 ft). There is a little pre-Hispanic town and a stone forest containing caves with cave paintings.[2]

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