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Arena (An Absurd Notion)

Arena is a concept concert video filmed during the course of Duran Duran's 1984 Sing Blue Silver North American Tour in support of the album Seven and the Ragged Tiger. Instead of releasing a straight concert video, Duran Duran and director Russell Mulcahy chose to play with the origins of the band's name, added a storyline and surreal elements that are interwoven with footage of the band performing on stage; the film's villain, the evil Dr. Durand Durand has crash landed on Earth and is surprised and confused to find teenagers chanting his name; when he discovers that they are not chanting for him, but for an upstart pop group, he sets up shop beneath the concert arena and attempts to wreak havoc on the band that stole his name. Of course, he and his henchmen fail at every turn and Duran Duran continue to perform unaware of the evil doctor's plans; the video included Russell Mulcahy's long-form video for "The Wild Boys". It was meant to be a teaser for a full-length feature film of the same name, based on the 1971 novel The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead by William S. Burroughs.

However, that film was never made. The expensive sets for the conceptual portions of Arena and "The Wild Boys" were built in the massive 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios; some of the segments were filmed at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, where free tickets were given to fans. In addition to O'Shea, the American actress Jennifer Connelly appears in the video, walking across an empty stage in one segment. A picture book of the movie, Arena: The Book, was released in 1985. A live album called Arena, was released in late 1984, it featured the two singles "The Wild Boys" and "Save a Prayer". The video for "Save a Prayer" is included as a DVD extra on the 2004 Arena DVD release; the DVD for Arena was released in April 2004 and includes as an extra The Making of Arena behind the scenes documentary, released as a separate videotape. A 2-in-1 DVD set with both Arena and Sing Blue Silver has been released by EMI; the Oakland, California concerts that were filmed for Arena were edited to form the one-hour As the Lights Go Down concert video.

As the Lights Go Down is the Arena video with only the music, although the live footage for many songs was edited differently. This version was never released on any consumer video format and was only broadcast on television, first on Cinemax later on MTV and other TV channels; the Return of Duran Duran "Is There Something I Should Know?" "Hungry Like the Wolf" "Union of the Snake" "Save a Prayer" "The Wild Boys" "Planet Earth" "Careless Memories" "Girls on Film" "The Reflex" "Rio" Running Time: 60 minutes Introduction Concepts and windmills Costumes and make-up Hanging around with robots Milo and stilts Blowing it all upRunning Time: 49 minutes Arena TV ad Arena trailer Arena video mix "Save a Prayer" Simon Le Bon interview Arena on IMDb

Specific inhalation challenge

The specific inhalation challenge is a diagnosis tool to assess airway responsiveness to "sensitizing" substances as opposed to nonspecific stimuli such as pharmacological agents, cold air and exercise. Subjects are exposed to a suspected occupational agent in a controlled way under close supervision in a hospital laboratory; the specific inhalation challenges has been considered as the gold standard in confirming the diagnosis of occupational asthma. One of the steps of SIC is to perform a challenge with the suspected asthmagen. FEV1 is subsequently measured using another device and compared to a baseline. A positive response is a decrease in baseline FEV1 of 15 to 20 percent; the realistic method was developed in the 1970s. The patient enters a sealed chamber and is exposed to the suspected agent in a controlled, non-work, test environment; the asthmagen can be nebulized. If the agent is non-soluble, the patient tips the agent from one tray to another in an attempt to mimic the work environment.

This method has the advantage of being able to assess, albeit subjectively and nasal symptoms as well as a reduction in FEV1. There are, disadvantages to the method. First, SIC is only conducted in specialty facilities because the facilities and equipment are rare and expensive. Second, the realistic method may exposed the patient to huge concentrations of particles, resulting in unduly severe asthma attacks. Alternately, the agent can be delivered using the developed closed-circuit technique; this test requires the patient to breathe aerosols of the suspected agent through an oro-facial mask or mouth piece. These asthmagens are aerosolized using closed-circuit chambers, the quantities and concentrations administered being minute and stable minimize the risk of exaggerated responses. Occupational asthma

Ahmed Shah Pakteen

Ahmed Shah Pakteen is a cricket umpire from Afghanistan. He is a member of International Panel of ICC Umpires. Pakteen has stood in matches in the 2015–17 ICC Intercontinental Cup. On 14 January 2017 he stood in his first Twenty20 International match, between Scotland and Hong Kong in the 2017 Desert T20 Challenge, he stood in his first One Day International match between Afghanistan and Ireland on 15 March 2017. In October 2019, he was appointed as one of the twelve umpires to officiate matches in the 2019 ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier tournament in the United Arab Emirates. In January 2020, he was named as one of the sixteen umpires for the 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup tournament in South Africa. List of One Day International cricket umpires List of Twenty20 International cricket umpires Ahmed Shah Pakteen at ESPNcricinfo Ahmed Shah Pakteen at CricketArchive

Mulberry Island Plantation

Mulberry Island known as Hawk's Nest and Penn Farm, is a historic plantation house in Stoneville, North Carolina near the Dan River. The house was built before 1850. Nathaniel Scales, left Mulberry Island to Alfred Moore Scales, upon his death, it adjoined Deep Springs Plantation on the Dan River, home to another one of Nathaniel Scales' sons, James Madison Scales. Nathaniel Scales' daughter inherited High Rock Farm. Mulberry Island became the home of North Carolina Chief Justice and United States Minister to Peru, Thomas B. Settle, II. In 1930 the farm was purchased by Charlie Penn of Reidsville, North Carolina who remodeled the house

José Antonio del Busto Duthurburu

José Antonio del Busto Duthurburu was a Peruvian historian. He completed his studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. After completing his studies he devoted himself to teaching and research and documentation on the history of the conquest and the Viceroyalty of Peru. At 25 he received his PhD in history, before he had studied Education with a major in History and Geography. Was secretary to Bishop Fidel Tubino, when he served as rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, his teaching began in 1953 in the Pre condition Instructor Seminar was led by Dr. Luis Jaime Cisneros, he served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, General Studies Letters PUCP. He was appointed Emeritus Professor of Humanities in 1995, he taught at several universities and military institutions like the Naval Academy Army Aviation Military School of Chorrillos, among other institutions of higher education. In 1967 he traveled to Oceania following the alleged footprints of the traveler Tupac Yupanqui, considered and credited with being the discoverer of the continent.

Mayor was appointed chronicler of the First Peruvian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica in 1982. He was President of the Institute for Humanities Research of the University of Piura, a member of the National Academy of History of the Peruvian Society of History, Institute of Historical Studies Maritimes, the Peruvian Institute of History of Law, an honorary member of the Peruvian Academy of the Quechua and Aymara languages, corresponding member of the Royal Spanish Academy of History, National Academy of Argentina, Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires, a fellow of the Peruvian Institute of Genealogical Research and Commander of the Order Spanish by Alfonso X the Wise. In 1983, he held the leadership of the National Institute of Culture. In 1968 he won the National Prize of Culture Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. In 1979 he received the Peruvian Cross of the 2002 Civic Medal Lima. In November 2006 he was awarded the Order of the Sun of Peru, he questioned the decision of the Municipality of Lima removal Monument Pizarro the side of the Plaza Mayor.

"They can get him out of there, but never in history," he said, few understood what was defending the origin of Peru at the junction between conquerors and conquered. "There are no winners or losers, we are descendants of the victors and the vanquished," said another time. After years of painful illness and consumed by cancer, died on December 25, being their veiled in the headquarters of the Riva- Agüero Institute, where he began his academic work and came to be the director, school, always bound residues. El Conde de Nieva, Virrey del Perú - 1963 Francisco Pizarro, el Marqués Gobernador - 1966 La tesis universitaria - 1966 La casa de Peralta en el Perú - 1966 La expedición de Hernando Pizarro a Pachacamac - 1967 Perú pre-incaico - 1975 Perú incaico - 1977 Historia general del Perú: Descubrimiento y conquista - 1978 La conquista del Perú - 1981 La pacificación del Perú - 1984 José Gabriel Túpac Amaru antes de su rebelión - 1981 La Hueste Perulera: Selección de J. A. del Busto - 1981 Francisco Pizarro y Trujillo de Extremadura - 1983 Historia y leyenda del Viejo Barranco - 1985 Diccionario histórico biográfico de los conquistadores del Perú - 1987 Compendio de historia del Perú - 1983 San Martín de Porras:: - 1992 Dos personajes de la conquista del Perú - 1969 Antártida: Historia y futuro - 1991 La tierra y la sangre de Francisco Pizarro - 1993 Historia general del Perú - 1994 Fundadores de ciudades en el Perú:: - 1995 Tres ensayos peruanistas - 1998 Historia de la minería en el Perú - 1999 Breve historia de los negros del Perú - 2001 Pizarro - 2001 Los hijos del Sol - 2005 Túpac Yupanqui.

Descubridor de Oceanía - 2006