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The Wodiwodi peoples (also spelled Wodi Wodi, Woddi Woddi ) are Aboriginal Australians, the Indigenous people of Australia, who are also, sometimes considered a clan of the Tharawal people who at the time, occupied areas around Lake Illawarra, including Berkeley and Hooka Creek, and are considered one of the custodians of the land in the Illawarra, NSW region.[1]

According to Wodi Wodi elders, the name "Wollongong" comes from "Woolungah", a wedding feast that was held in the area.[2]

Members of the Wodiwodi people are considered the remaining descendants of the Tharawal people. This may mean that they are the last known descendants of the people that first made contact with Captain James Cook in Australia.

Wodi Wodi was listed as a language name according to studies of 1875 but more recent works point out that Wodi Wodi is actually the name of the social group from around the Illawarra area.

The Wodi Wodi Walking Track, Stanwell Park, New South Wales is named after the Wodiwodi people.[3]