Woe to the Young

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Woe to the Young
Αλίμονο στους νέους
Directed byAlekos Sakellarios
Written byAlekos Sakellarios
Christos Giannkopoulos
StarringDimitris Horn
Maro Kontou
Smaro Stefanidou
Andreas Douzos
Giorgos Velentzas
Music byManos Hatzidakis
Release date
30 October 1961
Running time
89 mins

Woe to the Young (Greek: Αλίμονο στους νέους) is a Greek 1961 film. Is based on the myth of Faust who sold his soul to the Devil. A rich old man, Andreas (Dimitris Horn), who wants to be young again, aiming to marry a young girl, makes a deal with the Devil, he becomes young but with no wealth anymore. He spends too fast the little money he had and finally the girl, after her mother's pressure, rejects him to marry another rich old man of the neighborhood; the film ends when Andreas wakes up, realizing he was dreaming.


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