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Wolleka is located in Ethiopia
Location within Ethiopia
Coordinates: 12°38′N 37°29′E / 12.633°N 37.483°E / 12.633; 37.483Coordinates: 12°38′N 37°29′E / 12.633°N 37.483°E / 12.633; 37.483
Country  Ethiopia
Region Amhara
Zone Semien Gondar Zone
Time zone UTC+3 (EAT)

Wolleka (Ge'ez: ወለቃ) is a village in Ethiopia, near Gondar, with a latitude and longitude of 12°38′N 37°29′E / 12.633°N 37.483°E / 12.633; 37.483. The village is located in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region.

Wolleka is the main centre of the Beta Israel - Ethiopian Jews. Although its population has declined, it is still known for its synagogue and for pottery. This may be same village of the Bet Israel that Samuel Gobat visited in 1830; although he does not name the village, from his account the village he visited was clearly close enough to Gondar for him to travel there, speak to several of its inhabitants, then return to Gondar all in the same day.[1]

The Central Statistical Agency has not published an estimate for its 2005 population.

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