Woodmont Academy

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Woodmont Academy
Woodmont Academy is located in Maryland
Woodmont Academy
Woodmont Academy
14196 Frederick Rd
Cooksville, Maryland 21723
United States
Coordinates 39°20′47″N 77°00′25″W / 39.34639°N 77.00694°W / 39.34639; -77.00694Coordinates: 39°20′47″N 77°00′25″W / 39.34639°N 77.00694°W / 39.34639; -77.00694
Type Private School
Seal =
Established 1995
Principal John Farrell
Enrollment 185 (2011)

Woodmont Academy served families from Howard County, Maryland. It is not affiliated with the Howard County Public School System.

School History[edit]

The Woodmont Academy was founded in 1995 by the Legionaries of Christ in Baltimore County,[1] with 49 students in the first class.[citation needed]

It was originally in Woodstock in Baltimore County.[2] It originally planned to relocate to Glenwood, but area residents objected.[3] It instead chose to relocate to Cooksville.[4] Some Cooksville area residents opposed the placement of the school.[5]

In 2003, the school relocated to the 66 acres Cooksville facility. In 2010, the Vatican condemned Father Marcial Maciel for molesting underage males and fathering at least one child of a student.[6]

It closed on June 10, 2011.[7]


The school used the "Integral Foundation" curriculum emphasizing character development.[8]


In 2013, former James N. Robey aide Sang Oh representing Dar-us-Salaam, an Islamic organization that operates Al Huda School in College Park, petitioned Howard County to rezone the Woodmont Property. The zoning application was dropped, but plans to move the Dar-us-Salaam facility from College Park to Cooksville proceeded as a conditional use.[9]

Notable alumni[edit]

References and notes[edit]

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