Woolverstone Hall School

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Woolverstone Hall School
Motto Nisi Dominus Vanum
Established 1951
Closed 1990
Headmaster (orig.) J. S. H. Smitherman
Founder London County Council
Location Woolverstone
52°00′10″N 1°11′43″E / 52.00289°N 1.19529°E / 52.00289; 1.19529Coordinates: 52°00′10″N 1°11′43″E / 52.00289°N 1.19529°E / 52.00289; 1.19529
Local authority LCC and then ILEA
Gender Boys
Ages 11–18
Houses Berners, Corner's, Hall's, Hanson's, Johnston's, Orwell
Colours Navy blue and gold
Publication Janus

In the early 1950s the London County Council obtained use of Woolverstone Hall near Ipswich, Suffolk, and some 50 acres (200,000 m2) of adjoining land for the purpose of establishing a secondary grammar boarding school for London boys. The premises were previously occupied by the LNS Woolverstone, a branch of the London Nautical School, some students of which were permitted to complete their education in the new environment, which commenced experimentally in 1950. In September 1951, the new school formally opened with mostly new teaching staff under a new headmaster, Mr J. S. H. Smitherman.[1] It became comprehensive in 1977, under the auspices of the Inner London Education Authority. The school closed in 1990 and the site was sold to the Girls' Day School Trust. In 1992 it became the home of Ipswich High School.

Notable former students[edit]


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