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There are many works relating to Joseph Smith. These works cover Joseph Smith's his life, legacy, and teachings. Smith is the author of several works of scripture, and several personal histories, letters, and other writings. There have also been several biographies written about him.

Works accepted by Latter Day Saints as Scripture[edit]

  • Smith, Joseph, (translator) (1981) [1830]. The Book of Mormon. Salt Lake City, Utah: Intellectual Reserve. ISBN 0-385-51316-X.CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors list (link)
  • Smith, Joseph; et al. (1981) [1835]. The Doctrine and Covenants. Salt Lake City, Utah: Intellectual Reserve. ISBN 1-59156-560-X.
  • Smith, Joseph; et al. (1981) [1851]. The Pearl of Great Price. Salt Lake City, Utah: Intellectual Reserve. ISBN 1-59156-560-X.
  • Smith, Joseph (translator) (1991) [1867]. The Inspired Version of the Bible. Independence, Missouri: Herald Publishing House. ISBN 0-8309-0112-4.

Teachings and writings[edit]


Other historical works[edit]




  1. ^ These lectures were originally published in 1835 as part of the canonized Doctrine and Covenants. In its 1921 edition, the LDS Church dropped the lectures as only lessons, not canon. Research has indicated that authorship may be attributable to Sidney Rigdon with contribution from Smith. See:
    Noel B. Reynolds, “The Case for Sidney Rigdon as Author of the Lectures on Faith,” Journal of Mormon History 31/2 (Fall 2005), 1–41.
  2. ^ Smith is listed as author, although authorship has been attributed to various other scribes and editors. See:
    Dean C. Jessee, “The Reliability of Joseph Smith's History,” Journal of Mormon History 3 (1976), 23–46.