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World Hockey Association

The World Hockey Association was a professional ice hockey major league that operated in North America from 1972 to 1979. It was the first major league to compete with the National Hockey League since the collapse of the Western Hockey League in 1926. Although the WHA was not the first league since that time to attempt to challenge the NHL's supremacy, it was by far the most successful in the modern era; the WHA tried to capitalize on the lack of hockey teams in a number of major American cities and mid-level Canadian cities, hoped to attract the best players by paying more than NHL owners would. The WHA challenged the NHL's reserve clause, which bound players to their NHL teams without a valid contract, allowing players in both leagues greater freedom of movement. Sixty-seven players jumped from the NHL to the WHA in the first year, led by star forward Bobby Hull, whose ten-year, $2.75 million contract was a record at the time. The WHA took the initiative to sign European players; the WHA had an acrimonious relationship with the NHL, resulting in numerous legal battles, as well as competition for control of players and markets.

In spite of this, merger talks began immediately, as the WHA was unstable, with franchises relocating or folding in the middle of the season. NHL owners voted down a 1977 plan to merge six WHA teams into the NHL before a 1979 merger was approved; as a result, the WHA ceased operations, four teams joined the NHL for the 1979–80 season: the Edmonton Oilers, New England Whalers, Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets. Of these four teams, two of the three Canadian teams — the Nordiques and Jets — moved south to Denver and Phoenix although the NHL would return to Winnipeg with the 2011 relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers, who would rename themselves the Winnipeg Jets upon their relocation; the Whalers moved from Hartford to Raleigh, North Carolina. The Oilers are the only WHA merger team to retain both city; the final WHA game was played on May 20, 1979, as the Jets defeated the Oilers to win their third Avco World Trophy. The World Hockey Association was founded in 1971 by American promoters Dennis Murphy and Gary Davidson.

The pair had been the founder and first president of the American Basketball Association, respectively. They recruited Bill Hunter, president of the junior Western Canada Hockey League. Hunter and Murphy traveled across North America recruiting franchise owners, by September 1971, had announced that the league would begin in 1972 with ten teams, each having paid $25,000 for their franchise; the average NHL salary in 1972 was $25,000, the lowest of the four major sports, while players were bound by the reserve clause, a clause in every player's contract that automatically extended a player's contract by one year when it expired, tying them to their team for the life of their career. In October 1972, the WHA announced that it would not use the reserve clause, stating that "The reserve clause won't stand up to the scrutiny of... players, players associations, the United States Congress, the public and the Supreme Court". The WHA promised much higher salaries than the NHL offered, by the time the league began play, it had lured 67 former NHL players to its league, including Bernie Parent, Gerry Cheevers, Derek Sanderson, J. C.

Tremblay and Ted Green. The biggest name signed was former Chicago Black Hawks star Bobby Hull, who agreed to a 10-year, $2.7 million contract with the Winnipeg Jets, the largest in hockey history at the time, one that lent the league instant credibility. The NHL tried to block several of the defections; the Boston Bruins attempted to restrain Sanderson and Cheevers from joining the WHA, though a United States federal court refused to prohibit the signings. The Black Hawks were successful in having a restraining order filed against Hull and the Jets pending the outcome of legal action the Black Hawks were taking against the WHA; the new league was eager for the court action, intending to challenge the legality of the reserve clause. In November 1972, judge A. Leon Higginbotham Jr. of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania placed an injunction against the NHL, preventing it from enforcing the reserve clause and freeing all players who had restraining orders against them, including Hull, to play with their WHA clubs.

The decision ended the NHL's monopoly on major league professional hockey talent. In November 1971, twelve teams were formally announced, they included teams from cities without NHL teams such as the Miami Screaming Eagles, as well as teams in cities where the league's promoters believed there was room for more than one team, such as the Los Angeles Aces, Chicago Cougars, New York Raiders. Two of the original twelve teams moved before the first season started: the Dayton Arrows became the Houston Aeros and the San Francisco Sharks became the Quebec Nordiques; the Los Angeles franchise took the nickname Sharks to replace Aces. The Calgary Broncos and the Screaming Eagles folded outright, replaced by the Philadelphia Blazers and the Cleveland Crusaders. Although the league had many players under contract by June 1972, including a few NHL stars such as Bernie Parent, many of them were career minor league and college players; the new league was not considered much of a threat, until Bobby Hull, arguably the NHL's top forward at the time, jumped to the new league.

Hull had not been thought to be considering signing with the WHA though he was in contentious salary negotiations with the Chicago Black Hawks, when he told reporters t

Flop Show

Flop Show is an Indian television sitcom that first aired on DD National on 31 October 1989. The show was written and directed by satirical humorist Jaspal Bhatti, who played himself as the main character, his wife Savita Bhatti produced the show and acted in all the episodes as his wife. The sitcom was a satire on the socio-cultural problems faced by the common man in India at the time. Only 10 episodes of the show were produced. Flop Show has a distinctive opening sequence, it starts off with a dedication to those. This is followed by the title song "Flop Show", it features most of the main cast collectively playing musical instruments as a band. Jaspal Bhatti appears as an eye-patch wearing, menacing looking director; the other cast members are dressed variously as a doctor, a peon, etc.. The show was shot in Chandigarh with some episodes being shot at Punjab Engineering College; the cast remained the same in every episode, although they played different characters as each episode essayed a different story.

Another distinctive aspect of the show was a joke in between the casting credits at the beginning and a satirically reworded popular Hindi film song played at the end of every episode. Following is the complete list of episodes: Jaspal Bhatti as Jaspal Bhatti "Bhattiji" Savita Bhatti as Savita Bhatti, Jaspal Bhatti's wife Vivek Shauq Neena Cheema B. N. Sharma Rajesh Jolly Binny Grover Brijesh Ahuja Devender Mundepi Kishore Mehta Kuldeep Sharma Payal Chaudhary Prem Kakaria Rajinder Ramesh Chadda Ravi Sharma Shyam Juneja Sunil Grover Vinod Sharma Arjuna Bhalla Flop Show on IMDb

Oscar Wendt

Oscar Wendt is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a left back for Borussia Mönchengladbach. After playing for IFK Skövde, he joined IFK Göteborg in 2003, he became an important first team player, earning 14 appearances on the Swedish U21 team and a call-up for the Swedish national team. In his time at the club he played 91 matches, before moving to the Danish champions F. C. Copenhagen on a four-year contract for 6 million DKK. After his departure to F. C. Copenhagen, a huge gap arose in the defence filled by Argentine defender José Shaffer coming from Racing Club. In his first two years at Copenhagen, he struggled to become a first team regular, first being a back-up for former Norwegian international André Bergdølmo and Danish international Niclas Jensen. However, in 2008, he managed to become a first choice on the left back position for his team, earning him a call-up to the Swedish national team, his first in over 18 months, his strong performances had him linked with both English club West Ham United and Italian club Genoa.

With an injured Bergdølmo in F. C. Copenhagen's 2006–07 UEFA Champions League campaign, Wendt played as a left back, in the team's 3–1 win against Celtic, he alongside fellow Copenhagen defender Michael Gravgaard was chosen for the Eurosport "Team of the Round". Oscar Wendt moved to Borussia Mönchengladbach on a free transfer after signing a three-year contract on 10 June 2011. Having represented Sweden at U17, U19, U21 levels, Wendt made his senior Sweden debut in January 2007 in a friendly game against Venezuela. Wendt was overlooked for a spot in Sweden's Euro 2016 squad despite a strong season in Bundesliga. Wendt retired from the national team in March 2017, having represented his country a total of 28 times; as of 1 July 2019 F. C. Copenhagen Danish Superliga: 2006–07, 2008–09, 2009–10 & 2010–11 Danish Cup: 2008–09 F. C. København profile Oscar Wendt at Danmarks Radio National team profile Oscar Wendt at

Yazoo County School District

The Yazoo County School District is a public school district headquartered in unincorporated Yazoo County, near Yazoo City. The district serves areas of Yazoo County not in the Yazoo City city limits; the district had its headquarters within the Yazoo City city limits. All schools are in unincorporated areas. Yazoo County High School Yazoo County Middle School Bentonia Gibbs Elementary School Linwood Elementary School There were a total of 1,763 students enrolled in the Yazoo County School District during the 2007-2008 school year; the gender makeup of the district was 52 % male. The racial makeup of the district was 52.13% African American, 47.14% White, 0.28% Hispanic, 0.44% Asian. All students are required to wear school uniforms. List of school districts in Mississippi Yazoo County School District

Hi, Infidelity

"Hi, Infidelity" is the sixth episode of the third season of the American mystery television series Veronica Mars, the fiftieth episode overall. Written by John Enbom and directed by Michael Fields, the episode premiered on The CW on November 17, 2006; the series depicts the adventures of Veronica Mars as she deals with life as a college student while moonlighting as a private detective. In this episode, Veronica investigates an accusation that she plagiarized a criminology paper only to find out that her teacher is having an affair with Mindy O'Dell. Meanwhile, Stosh "Piz" Piznarski invites Veronica to go bowling, Wallace Fennel must choose between basketball and his studies; the episode features the return of Laura San Giacomo as Harmony Chase and the introduction of the recurring character of Max. San Giacomo and Colantoni, who had co-starred on the sitcom Just Shoot Me!, lobbied for more storylines together after rekindling their friendship during production of "Charlie Don't Surf", her first appearance.

Rose's character had been planned to begin a romantic relationship with Mac since the writing of this episode and went on to fulfill this role in several future episodes. At the time of its initial broadcast, the episode was watched by 2.75 million people and received mixed to positive reviews from television critics. Following the events of the previous episode, Veronica confronts Claire Nordhouse for faking her rape after she publishes a story on it. Wallace Fennel and a lawyer are taken in to Dean O’Dell’s office, where he is caught for cheating on a test. Veronica's criminology paper is praised by Hank leading her to praise him incessantly. Harmony Chase, a former client who asked Keith Mars to investigate her adulterous husband, calls him and asks him on a date. Tim Foyle, Hank's teaching assistant, tells Veronica that she plagiarized her paper though she did not. Hank gives her three days to prove. Veronica learns. Veronica goes to a computer student and ascertains the email address of the person who faked her paper.

Stosh "Piz" Piznarski invites Veronica bowling, she invites Parker as well. Veronica gets caught snooping in the Dean’s office, although she makes up a hasty lie that she was searching for a lost earring, it diverts his attention. Wallace decides not to drop the class. Veronica proves that the essay hers was plagiarized from was posted after she turned in her paper. Parker, Veronica and Logan bowl and have fun together; when Veronica and Logan get room service, Veronica spots questions him. Parker is romantically interested in Piz, she tasks Veronica with talking to him about her. After talking to Mercer Hayes, Parker informs Veronica that she remembers Mercer's cologne from the night of her rape. Veronica goes to Sheriff Lamb with this news. Veronica runs into Keith at the hotel before learning that the room that belongs to "Rory Finch" is Hank, having an affair with Mrs. O’Dell. On their second date, Harmony suggests that they have sex. On the way back, Keith's becomes involved in a traffic collision.

This traumatic experience makes him go back to Harmony, they sleep together. Veronica talks to Tim Foyle, who made her follow the trail of "Rory Finch" deliberately in order for her to discover the professor’s affair. Tim was the professor’s protégé, he wants Veronica to discover Hank's flaws before she becomes more involved with him. Logan runs up to Veronica and tells her that Mercer has been arrested for the rapes on campus, despite the fact that he believes that Mercer is innocent. Logan begs Veronica to defend Mercer. However, he refuses to tell Veronica. "Hi, Infidelity" was written by John Enbom and directed by Michael Fields, marking Enbom's twelfth writing credit and Fields's sixth directing credit for the series. The episode features the second of three appearances by Laura San Giacomo as Harmony Chase, she and Enrico Colantoni had become friends when they co-starred on the sitcom Just Shoot Me!. They rekindled their friendship during production of "Charlie Don't Surf", San Giacomo's first appearance, so they lobbied for more storylines together.

Thomas was open to the possibility, saying, "I wouldn't hesitate to go back to this, because I was happy with how it played out."Adam Rose made his first appearance in this episode as a suspect. From the beginning of his appearances, Rose's character, was planned to begin a romantic relationship with Mac. Rose was roommates with Michael Mitchell, who played another love interest for Mac; when Rose received the call that he would have a romantic storyline with Mac, he stated, "but I thought that's what my roommate was doing." At the time of its initial broadcast, "Hi, Infidelity" was viewed by 2.75 million people, ranking 94th out of 97 in the weekly rankings. Eric Goldman of IGN gave the episode a 7.8 out of 10, indicating that it was "good", but his review was mixed. Comparing it with the rest of the season, he opined that it suffered from some of the same problems of previous episodes, he thought that the actions of many of the characters in "Hi, Infidelity" were out of character or unrealistic.

While writing that "the rape s

Dartmouth Range

The Dartmouth Range is a mountain range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the United States. The range lies in Burbank's Grant and the town of Carroll in Coos County; the Dartmouth Range is a wooded ridge which runs east-west from Jefferson Notch just west of Mount Jefferson in the Presidential Range to Mount Deception in Carroll, overlooking Bretton Woods and the Mount Washington Hotel. No trails traverse the range; the named summits in the range from west to east are Mount Deception at 1,116 meters, Mount Dartmouth, Millen Hill at 1,028 m. Mount Mitten, at 932 m, lies off the main ridge to the north of Mount Dartmouth. Water flowing north from the crest of the range is within the drainage basin of the Israel River, by way of the South Branch of the Israel River and Mill Brook. To the south of the ridgecrest, water flows via Jefferson Brook and Halfway Brook to the Ammonoosuc River. Water off the west end of the range flows via Deception Brook into the Ammonoosuc; the Ammonoosuc and Israel rivers both flow west to the Connecticut River, which carries their water south to Long Island Sound.

U. S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Dartmouth Range