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World Knowledge Forum
Motto Knowledge Sharing
Formation 2000
Type Non-profit organization
Legal status Foundation
Purpose Economic
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Region served
Official language
Chang Dae-whan

The World Knowledge Forum ( is the biggest Forum in Asia. Established in October 2000, the World Knowledge Forum gathers more than 3,000 business and opinion leaders around the world ranging from environmental and international organizations to world's biggest corporations and institutions. These leaders speculate about the future and discuss possible solutions for the problems which are already, or might become, an issue. The main aim is to highlight the importance of knowledge sharing towards a balanced prosperity of the global economy. The WKF is hosted by Maeil Business Newspaper, South Korea's premier business daily. The conference is the largest of its kind in Asia, and annually around 250 speakers including world renowned scholars, policy-makers, global leaders and corporate CEOs have participated in the World Knowledge Forum to discuss most important global issues and seek for effective ways to establish sustainable growth and prosperity.

Forum themes have ranged from "Shaping the New Millennium With Knowledge" in 2000 to "Knowledge in a World of Risk" in 2002; from "Creativity & Collaboration: Foundation of the New Era" in 2005 to "Collabonomics & Greater Asia" in 2008. The 2010 WKF overall theme was "One Asia Momentum: G20 Leadership And Creatinnovation", and the WKF 2013 was "One Asia Metamorphosis".

The 19th World Knowledge Forum is scheduled to held from 10 to 12 October 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.



Main Theme: Inflection Point: Towards New Prosperity

2017 Key Speakers:


Main Theme: Aiming for Great Instauration


Main Theme: Mapping the Zeitgeist


Main Theme: Invigorating the Global Economy

  • Investing in Asia
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Finance and Business
  • Internet of Things
  • State Reform
  • Beyond
  • Disruptive Innovation

2014 Key Speakers:

Scholars invited

  • Kenneth Rogoff, Professor at Harvard University
  • Li Yining, Honorary Dean, Peking University Guanghua School of Management
  • Koichi Hamada, Emeritus Professor, Yale University
  • Andrew McAfee, Associate director, Center for Digital Business at the MIT Sloan School of Management


Main Theme: One Asia Metamorphosis

  • Asia
  • City
  • Creativity
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Future
  • Technology Frontier

2013 Key Speakers:


Main Theme: The Great Breakthrough: New Solutions for Growth (Leadership, Integrity, Creativity, and Happiness)

  • New Growth
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Happiness

2012 Key Speakers:


Main Theme: The New Economic Crisis: Reforming Global Leadership & Asia's Challenge

  • Crisis Revisited
  • Global Growth in Transition
  • New Management Strategies
  • New Shock & Regrowth of Finance
  • The True Green
  • Convergence

2011 Key Speakers:


Main Theme: One Asia Momentum, G20 Leadership & Creatinnovation

  • One Asia Momentum
  • G20 Leadership
  • Creatinnovation
  • Rebirth of Finance
  • Winning Strategy & Marketing
  • Low Carbon Economy
  • Next IT & Media
  • Smart Leadership

2010 Key Speakers:


Main Theme: One Asia, New Economic Order and Recovery

  • Greater Asia : Outlook 2009
  • Partnering for Growth
  • Finance beyond Uncertainty
  • Network Innovation
  • Green is Green
  • Government as Biz Partner
  • Win-Win Society


Main Theme: Collabonomics + Greater Asia

  • Greater Asia : Outlook 2009
  • Partnering for Growth
  • Finance beyond Uncertainty
  • Network Innovation
  • Green is Green
  • Government as Biz Partner
  • Win-Win Society

2008 Key Speakers:


Main Theme: Wealth Creation & Greater Asia

  • Emerging Asia
  • New Growth
  • Evolution of Finance
  • Leadership
  • Security & Prosperity
  • Web 2.0

2007 Key Speakers:

  • Alan Greenspan, Former Chairman of Federal Reserve Board
  • Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State of USA
  • Tom Peters, Chairman of Tom Peters Company
  • Edmund Phelps, 2006 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics
  • Vinton Cerf, Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist of Google Inc.
  • Peter Sands, Group Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Bank
  • Stephen S. Roach, Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia
  • Min Zhu, Group Executive Vice- President of Bank of China


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