World Speed Poker Open

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The World Speed Poker Open (WSPO) was an international poker tournament held under speed poker rules.


The tournament had a £2,000 entry fee.

Twelve preliminary heats took place, each with six participants; the winner received £2,500 and a place in one of the WSPO semi-finals.

The top three finishers in each of the semi-finals received a seat in the WSPO Final; the winner also received a further £2,500. Players took to the Final the amount of chips they had when their semi-final got down to just three players.

The payout structure for the Final was:

  • Winner: £50,000
  • Runner-Up: £25,000
  • 3rd place: £17,000
  • 4th place: £10,000
  • 5th place: £5,000
  • 6th place: £2,000


Each player has 15 seconds to make their decision; the clock starts when the player knows how much the bet into him or her is.

Twice per tournament, a player may have an additional 30 second time-out, this idea was the brainchild of Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot.

If a decision is not made during that time period, the hand is declared dead.

To help speed things along, 2 dealers are utilised.

2005 Results[edit]

Event Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
Heat 1 ( Mike McFadden Ram Vaswani
Heat 2 ( Oliver Boyce Kevin O'Connell
Heat 3 ( Tiffany Williamson Dave Penly
Heat 4 ( Jac Arama Jason Smith
  • Jim Reid
  • Tom Ivey
  • Edie Tracey
  • Robert Cooper
Heat 5 ( Lynne Beaumont Thomas Bihl
Heat 6 ( Neil Channing Korosh Nejad
Heat 7 ( John Kabbaj Victor Garcia Camara
Heat 8 ( Dave Colclough Henning Bolstad
Heat 9 ( Tony G Alex Tsai
Heat 10 ( Adam Richardson Chris Ferguson
Heat 11 ( Emile Petit Matthew Norman
Heat 12 ( Rory Matthews Piero Milani
Semi-Final 1 Emile Petit Mike McFadden
  • Jac Arama
  • Neil Channing
  • John Kabbaj
  • Tiffany Williamson
Semi-Final 2 Tony G Lynne Beaumont
  • Oliver Boyce
  • Dave Colclough
  • Rory Matthews
  • Adam Richardson
Grand Final Oliver Boyce Emile Petit
  • Lynne Beaumont
  • Mike McFadden
  • Jac Arama
  • Tony G