Wrocław Fountain

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Wrocław Fountain
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General information
Type musical fountain
Architectural style contemporary
Location Wrocław exhibition ground, Wrocław, Poland
Coordinates 51°06′32″N 17°04′44″E / 51.1087629°N 17.078923°E / 51.1087629; 17.078923Coordinates: 51°06′32″N 17°04′44″E / 51.1087629°N 17.078923°E / 51.1087629; 17.078923
Completed June 4, 2009
Owner City Hall Company Ltd. of Wrocław
Other dimensions 1 hectare
Design and construction
Main contractor Gutkowski Company

The Wrocław FountainWrocław Multimedia Fountain, — Polish: Wrocławska Fontanna, is a multimedia musical fountain and ornamental pond in Wrocław, of western Poland. Fountain runs only during the summer season - from the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May to late October.


The Wrocław Fountain is located in the historic Wrocław exhibition ground, it is next to the early modernist Centennial Hall, and encircled within the Wrocław Pergola.

Built in 2009, it is currently one of the largest operating fountains in Europe.

Multimedia show[edit]

The 1 hectare (110,000 sq ft) fountain incorporates over 300 jets to create moving-dancing screens of water. They are used, with music and light, by a computerized multimedia program for animated water shows.

During the day fountain unimpressed, however are spectacular nightly shows. The fountain is illuminated at night by 800 computer programmed coloured lights.

Ice skating

When frozen in winter, the Wrocław Fountain is drained and an 4,700 square metres (51,000 sq ft) ice skating rink takes some of its space.


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