Wyspa Piasek

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Tumski bridge and Saint Marry church

Wyspa Piasek (English: Sand Island) in Wrocław, one of several islands in the Odra river within old town and Śródmiejski Węzeł Wodny (Downtown Water Junction). With left bank of Oder river and old town of Wrocław Wyspa Piasek is connected by a Piaskowy Bridge, and with Ostrów Tumski by Tumski Bridge.

Island has an area of about 5 hectares. Only one street runs across the island (St. Jadwiga street).

On the island is one of several Biblioteka Uniwersytecka (University Library) building (former Augustinian monastery), old gothic Church of Saint Anna (in 1810 rebuilt to hospital and next to residential building), baroque Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius (in 1810 here was transferred the church of Saint Anna) and watermill Maria.

In the old days Wyspa Piasek was a densely built-up, however during the last month of Second World War many of these buildings were destroyed.