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City Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico
Branding La Raza
Frequency 98.7 FM
First air date December 12, 1947
ERP 6 kW[1]
Transmitter coordinates 30°32′50″N 111°07′19″W / 30.54722°N 111.12194°W / 30.54722; -111.12194
Owner Radio S.A.
(Carlos de Jesús Quiñones Armendáriz)

XHAB-FM is a radio station in Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico.


XEAB-AM 1400 hit the air on December 12, 1947, known as "Las Cuatro Iniciales de Oro de Santa Ana". The 250-watt station was owned by Alfredo Marín Castro and had received its concession the previous August. By the 1980s, XEAB was broadcasting with 500 watts (later reduced to 250 again).

In November 1989, XEAB was transferred to 15 members of the Marín family: Guadalupe and Luis Alfredo Marín Méndez; Leticia, Rubén, Griselda and Jacqueline Marín Yescas; Yolanda, Gilberto and Eduardo Marín González; Elisa Marín Martínez de Gutiérrez; Aurora Yescas; Micaela Méndez Alvarez; Eloisa Martínez Arvizu; and Adolfo Leopoldo Marín Martínez. In 2006, the Marín successors were cleared to sell XEAB to Radio S.A.

In 2011, Radio S.A. was approved to migrate XEAB from the AM band to the FM band as XHAB-FM 98.7. However, XEAB has been mired in the same labor problems affecting Radio S.A. in Hermosillo, including several strikes, as well as technical problems with its AM and FM transmitters.


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