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XESRD-XHSRD latremenda logo.png
City Durango, Durango, Mexico
Broadcast area Durango
Branding La Tremenda
Frequency 96.5 FM
First air date 1990
Format Ranchera
ERP 50,000 watts[1]
Callsign meaning DuraNGo
Owner Grupo Garza Limón
(Garzalr, S.A. de C.V.)
Webcast XHDNG 96.5 listen live
Website La Tremenda Durango Website

XHDNG is a radio station that serves the state of Durango. Broadcasting on 96.5 FM, XHDNG is owned by Grupo Garza Limón and is known as La Tremenda.

The station signed on after receiving its concession on September 13, 1990. It was the first commercial FM station in the state, with XHITD-FM 92.1 having beaten it to air as the first (though XHITD was not permitted until 1992).


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