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City Tayoltita, San Dimas Municipality, Durango
Frequency 100.7 MHz
First air date May 2015 (concession)
Format Community radio
ERP .005 kW[1]
Callsign meaning Primero Empresa Minera
(major mining company in Tayoltita)
Owner Desarrollo Comunal Sustentable, A.C.

XHPEM-FM is a community radio station serving Tayoltita, San Dimas Municipality, Durango and owned by Desarrollo Comunal Sustentable, A.C. It is Mexico's least powerful licensed FM radio station, at 5 watts ERP on 100.7 MHz.

It received its social use concession in May 2015 and was among the first stations to ever receive such a concession. The station had been operating prior to then without a concession. Its primary audience is the town of Tayoltita, a mining town sustained by the San Dimas mine of Primero Empresa Minera.


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