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The XL-100 was a line of RCA completely solid state (no vacuum tubes except picture tube) television sets that emerged in 1971[1] and continued into the early 1990s. The "XL" stands for extended life chassis while the 100 refers to RCA's emphasis of 100% solid state chassis, they were the top of the line RCA color televisions that replaced the RCA "Vista" and "New Vista" color television series.

Expansion of RCA Models Lines based on the XL-100 Chassis[edit]

During later model years the XL-100 line became the middle and then lower priced color televisions. RCA introduced first the "Colortrak" and toward the end of analog television, the "Dimensia" lines; in later years all three TV lines used the same RCA CTC-xxx (CTC is RCA acronym for Color TV Chassis) chassis and the main difference were in cabinet design and electronic features. The evolution of XL-100 to Colortrak is featured in a 1976 magazine advertisement and at the end RCA introduces the "Colortrak" as "XL-100 Colortrak", RCA also launched TV commercials tauting XL-100 Colortrak.[2]

XL-100 over the years became "bare bones" televisions. When color TVs started providing video inputs and other features, XL-100s in the late 1980s often only had a standard 75 ohm unbalanced dipole coaxial cable input. Higher end XL-100 models in the 1980s had a digital keypad and a digital channel indicator, but did not have remote capabilities,[3] while the lower XL-100 lines had basic rotary dial tuners. The models sold in the early 1990s also had RCA jacks for composite video and stereo audio input accessed by tuning the TV to channel 91 and console models had remote control operation.

RCA XL-100

External links[edit]

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