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Xbase-Clients is a suite of tools and utilities for the X Window System.

Included tools[edit]

  • editres, which queries and updates the X resource database
  • startx and xinit, which initialize X sessions from the command line
  • xauth, a tool for controlling access to the X session
  • xbiff, a tool which tells you when you have new email
  • xcalc, a scientific calculator desktop accessory
  • xclipboard, a tool to manage cut-and-pasted text selections
  • xcutsel, which exchanges selection and cut buffer contents
  • xedit, a text editor
  • xev, an X event displayer
  • xhost, a tool to add or remove access to the X server for specified hosts
  • xman, a manual page browser
  • Xmark, tool for benchmarking graphical operations
  • xrandr, a command-line interface to the RandR extension
  • xsm, a session manager for X sessions
  • xwd and xwud, utilities for taking and viewing window dumps ("screenshots") of the X session


  • xeyes, in which a pair of eyes track the pointer

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