Xin Pi

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Xin Pi
Minister of the Guards (衛尉)
In office
234 (234) – ? (?)
In office
227 (227) – 234 (234)
Monarch Cao Rui
Military Adviser to the General-in-Chief
In office
234 (234) – 234 (234)
Monarch Cao Rui
In office
? (?) – ? (?)
Monarch Cao Pi
Palace Attendant (侍中)
In office
220 (220) – ? (?)
Monarch Cao Pi
Chief Clerk to the Imperial Chancellor
In office
219 (219) – 220 (220)
Monarch Emperor Xian of Han
Chancellor Cao Cao
Personal details
Born Unknown
Yuzhou, Henan
Died Unknown
Relations Xin Ping (brother)
Occupation Official
Courtesy name Zuozhi (佐治)
Posthumous name Marquis Su (肅侯)
Peerage Marquis of Ying District

Xin Pi (fl. 200s–235), courtesy name Zuozhi, was an official in the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He originally served the warlord Yuan Shao in the late Eastern Han dynasty, he had an elder brother, Xin Ping. He switched allegiance to Cao Cao after Yuan Shao's defeat and served as a counsellor under the Wei prince Cao Zhi and the second Wei emperor Cao Rui.

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