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The local cuisine in Xuzhou is a blend of many of the flavours of northern and southern China, as a result of the location of Xuzhou, it is known for a number of dishes, including those below, and various dog meat dishes.

List of notable dishes[edit]

English Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Pinyin Notes
Xuzhou-style popiah 烙饃 烙馍 lào mó A food likes burrito in some way, in Xuzhou dialect sounds like luǒ mó
Wok braised chicken 地鍋雞 地锅鸡 dì guō jī
Strung pork belly 把子肉 把子肉 bǎ zǐ ròu
Diced meat with vegetables 千刀肉 千刀肉 qiān dāo ròu
Stuffed fresh fish with square mutton 羊方藏魚 羊方藏鱼 yáng fāng cáng yú
Stewed dog meat with soft-shelled turtle 黿汁狗肉 鼋汁狗肉 yuán zhī gǒu ròu The Asian giant soft-shell turtle, namely "鼋" in Chinese, used to serve as the ingredient,

has been replaced by common soft-shell turtles as the former became endangered in modern era, but the Chinese name of the dish still retains the character "鼋"

Xuzhou-style spicy soup 辣湯 辣汤 là tāng Different from Henan's, its main ingredients are chicken, pig bone, swamp eel, gluten, pepper, spring onion and ginger
Sha soup 𮨻湯 𬲱汤 shá tāng
Soup of assorted ingredients 燒雜拌 烧杂拌 shāo zá bàn Usually only be treated in local banquet
Tadpole-like liangfen 瓦魚(~兒) 瓦鱼(~儿) wǎ yú (~ér) Be made from the starch jelly. Its name nearly was written as "蛙鱼" nowadays, namely the frog in Chinese[1]