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Young Adult Librarian[edit]

YA Librarians Laura Koenig (left) and Jessi Snow talking books with teens in the custody of the Department of Youth Services at the Copley Library in Boston, MA.

Young Adult (YA) Librarians cater to the needs of their library's teen patrons, ages 12–18. YA Librarians may contribute to any area of the library, but generally they are responsible for offering computer and homework assistance, selecting materials for their young adult collection, and planning and presenting programs for their teen patrons.[1]

YA librarians tend to be in touch with current popular culture and young adult fiction to be able to help their patrons. In addition to helping teens find books and complete homework assignments, YA librarians host a myriad of programs and social clubs where these kids can connect with others with similar interests; the library can be a safe space for teens of various backgrounds and YA librarians are facilitators of these spaces. In talking about diversity in YA collections and patrons YA librarian Sandra Farag says "our job as librarians is to make sure we are familiar enough with our collections to ensure that the right books get to the right kids." [2]

Resources that YA librarians and libraries can provide for teen patrons may include Hackerspaces, teen lounges, volunteer opportunities, Teen Advisory Boards, summer reading incentive programs, and various clubs.

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