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Yahoo! Graffiti was a multiplayer game and a member of the Yahoo! Games network of online computer games. It was similar to Pictionary in that one player drew while other players guessed what was being drawn, it was taken offline along with several other popular Yahoo games in 2013.


A game consisted of 4 to 8 rounds, depending on the number of players; each round, a player had two minutes to draw ten words. They could choose to draw or skip each word; the guesser and artist both scored 50 points for a correct guess. There was no penalty for an incorrect guess; the artist could click good guesses, to signal to the guessers that they were on the right track (the words turned green). When the artist's two minutes expired, his or her turn was over and the other players were shown the words the artist was unable to draw. You could have also played a team game; the team game followed the same rules, but you could only guess the word when one of the players on your team was drawing. The points were awarded to all team members. A team could have been made up of two to four members and teams were not necessarily counted evenly; you could have made a three versus four game or a two versus three game.

When the final round was completed, the player or team with the highest score won the game.[1]

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