Yanaque - Quilcamarca

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Yanaque - Quilcamarca
Location Peru, Ancash Region, Ocros Province
Coordinates 10°28′30″S 77°20′45″W / 10.47500°S 77.34583°W / -10.47500; -77.34583Coordinates: 10°28′30″S 77°20′45″W / 10.47500°S 77.34583°W / -10.47500; -77.34583
Height 3,820 metres (12,533 ft)

Yanaque - Quilcamarca (possibly from Ancash Quechua yanaqi friend,[1] Quechua qillqa writing (the act and art of writing), marka village,[2]) is an archaeological site in Peru. It is situated in the Ancash Region, Ocros Province, Acas District, at a height of about 3,820 metres (12,533 ft).[3]

Yanaque - Quilcamarca are the names of two villages which were situated on the mountain Yanaque and a neighboring mountain, legendary places which share the same history. The ruins contain rectangular, semi-circular and quadrangular structures of stone and tombs.[3]


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