Yanqing Temple

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Yanqing Temple
The Main Hall of Yanqing Temple. There is blue sky behind the hall. There is one door opening to a grassy courtyard
The Main Hall of Yanqing Temple
Basic information
LocationWutai County
Geographic coordinates38°45′00″N 113°03′55″E / 38.75°N 113.0652°E / 38.75; 113.0652Coordinates: 38°45′00″N 113°03′55″E / 38.75°N 113.0652°E / 38.75; 113.0652
CompletedJin dynasty (1115–1234)

Yanqing Temple (simplified Chinese: 延庆寺; traditional Chinese: 延慶寺; pinyin: Yánqìng Sì) is a Buddhist temple located 25 kilometers (16 mi) to the west of Wutai County, Shanxi, China. [1]


The Yanqing temple was founded during the Jin dynasty, and its Great Hall also dates from that period. The Great Hall contains three bays, six rafters, and is 13 square meters (140 sq ft). The interior of the Great Hall has no pillars; it supports itself using the brackets of two rafters.[1]


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