Yellow River (Ireland)

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Yellow River
Native name An Abhainn Bhuí
Country Ireland
Physical characteristics
Main source Kilcorbry, County Offaly
95 m (312 ft)
River mouth Irish Sea via River Boyne
Length 21 km (13 mi)
  • Average rate:
    0.13 m3/s (4.6 cu ft/s)
Basin features
Basin size 44.5 km2 (17.2 sq mi)

The Yellow River (Irish: An Abhainn Bhuí) is a river in central Ireland, a tributary of the River Boyne.[1]


The Yellow River is called the Ownaboy/Ownaboy in the 1654 Civil Survey, an Anglicisation of abhainn buidhe, "yellow river."


The Yellow River rises in Kilcorbry, north of Croghan and flows in an easterly direction. It passes under the R400 and then turns northeast, flowing under Garr Bridge[2] It meets several tributaries and then its last section forms part of the Meath–Offaly border and passes under Sheep Bridge south of Castlejordan.[3] It meets the River Mongagh and then passes under Clongall Bridge[4] and later enters the Boyne.


The Yellow River is known as a brown trout fishery.[5]

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Coordinates: 53°23′29″N 7°09′37″W / 53.391442°N 7.160276°W / 53.391442; -7.160276