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Developer(s) Crocodile Clips Ltd., Sumdog Ltd.
Stable release
Operating system Windows, Macintosh, Linux (beta)
Size 63 MB Windows
94 MB Macintosh
44 MB Linux
Type Education

Yenka is a suite of educational software products which lets students simulate scientific experiments, create mathematical models, design electronic circuits or learn computer programming. Yenka is developed by Crocodile Clips Ltd.


Yenka uses a unified interface[1] to model reactions in scientific and technological subject areas, often in 3D. Users see results in real time or simulated time at 0.1x or 10x speed, replicating actual results (a completed circuit will illuminate a light-emitting diode (LED), but applying too much electric current will destroy it).[2][3] Yenka also allows educators to design lessons and interactive content for students. The extension is .yka.


Yenka is divided into four main groupings: science, computing, mathematics and technology. The products include[4]

Yenka programming[edit]

Simulates program flow and logic using 3D characters and interaction.

Yenka sequences[edit]

Introduces computer programming by controlling 3D dancing characters.

Yenka statistics[edit]

Uses coins, dice and variables to illustrate statistics.

Yenka 3D Shapes[edit]

A 3D modeling tool for experimenting with 3D geometry.

Yenka light and sound[edit]

Renders the effects of reflection, refraction, lenses and moving sources.

Yenka motion[edit]

Models the effects of gravity, velocity, elasticity and the physical laws.

Yenka inorganic chemistry[edit]

Simulates the chemical reactions between over 100 chemicals, even at the molecular level.

Yenka electrochemistry[edit]

Models electrolysis, electroplating and cells with over a range of metals and electrolytes.

Yenka electronics[edit]

Allows the design of circuit schematics and their effects using thousands of components.

Yenka PCBs[edit]

Converts circuit design into 3D printed circuit boards (PCB)s, allowing for export to manufacturers.

Yenka PICs[edit]

Flowchart programming interface for PICs and PICAXE chips, including exporting programs to a physical PIC or PICAXE.

Yenka gears[edit]

Models reactions between 3D gears, motors and chain drives.

Yenka electricity and magnetism[edit]

Simulates electricity generation and transmission, and analogue electrical circuits in real-time.

Yenka coordinates[edit]

A modeling tool for teaching about 2D and 3D coordinates.


Some Yenka products may be sampled for 15 days for use in schools (for full use of the software, a license must be purchased), however home users can download the entire range of software free of charge, however with some limitations like not using the software during school hours.


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