Yerington Paiute Tribe of the Yerington Colony and Campbell Ranch

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Yerington Paiute
Wilson Canyon near Yerington, Nevada
Total population
1,200 enrolled members
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( Nevada)
Northern Paiute language, English
Native American Church, Sun Dance, traditional tribal religion, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
other Northern Paiute people

The Yerington Paiute Tribe of the Yerington Colony and Campbell Ranch is a federally recognized tribe of Northern Paiute Indians in western Nevada.[1]


Yerington on a map of Nevada

The Yerington Paiute Tribe has a reservation, the Yerington Reservation and Trust Lands, in Lyon County, Nevada. The reservation was established in 1916 and 1936 and is 1,653 acres (6.69 km2) large. In 1990, 354 tribal members lived on the reservation. The tribe had 659 enrolled members in 1992.[1] The larger Campbell Ranch section is located at 39°04′42″N 119°12′30″W / 39.07833°N 119.20833°W / 39.07833; -119.20833 north of Yerington, while the smaller Yerington Colony section is located at 38°58′51″N 119°10′15″W / 38.98083°N 119.17083°W / 38.98083; -119.17083, within the city limits of Yerington.

Recent history[edit]

In 1937, the Yerington Paiute Tribe ratified its constitution and bylaws. They gained federal recognition under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act.[1]


The Yerington Paiute Tribe of Nevada's tribal headquarters is located in Yerington, Nevada. The tribe is governed by a tribal council.[1] The most recent administration included the following:

  • Tribal Chairperson: Linda Howard
  • Vice Chairperson: LaVerne Roberts
  • Secretary of Record: Shelley Pugh
  • Council Member: Delmar Stevens
  • Council Member: Elwood Emm
  • Council Member: Eleanor Smith
  • Council Member: Glen Roberts Jr.
  • Council Member: Eleanor Smith.[2]

The Yerington Paiutes operate their own education program, environmental program (overseeing air and water quality and wetlands), police force, USDA Commodities program, and social services.[2]

Economic development[edit]

The tribe owns and operates the Arrowhead Market, a fuel and convenience store in Yerington, and Campbell Ranch, which grows alfalfa.


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