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Yitzhak Laor (Hebrew: יצחק לאור, born in 1948) is an Israeli poet, author and journalist.


Yitzhak Laor was born in Pardes Hanna.

Literary and journalism career[edit]

He is the author of ten poetry books, three novels, three collections of short stories, two collections of essays and one play.[1]

In his poem "In a Village whose Name I don't even know" he imagines himself stranded in a Lebanese village: "For a moment I hoped that I would be caught", his book The Myths of Liberal Zionism was published in English by Verso Books in February 2009.[2]

In a June 2011 article in Haaretz, Laor stated that he opposes Zionism: He claimed that "liberation from Zionism is not a dirty word... we have to get rid of Zionism".[3][4]

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