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Type of site
Available in 4 active full editions (6 in total)
Owner Aleksi Kinnunen
Website ylilauta.org
Alexa rank Increase 12,649 (November 2017)
Finland 40 (November 2017)
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched February 20, 2011

Ylilauta is a Finnish imageboard. It was founded on February 20, 2011 to unite the two former most popular Finnish imageboards, Kotilauta and Lauta.net. Ylilauta is one of the most popular websites in Finland, and on the Finnish-speaking Internet. Ylilauta has also been frequently discussed in Finnish media; Iltalehti and Nelonen have both run a news story about it. In 2011 "Ylilauta" was the fourth most searched word on Google in Finland. In 2011, users of Ylilauta published thousands of Finnish user account details for multiple Finnish sites, which led to Finland's largest series of data leaks.


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