Yumurí River

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Yumurí River
Trees Near Puente Calixto Garcia.jpg
Calixto Garcia bridge near the mouth of the Rio Yumurí in Matanzas
Country Cuba
Physical characteristics
River mouth Sea level
Length 54.2 km (33.7 mi)

The Yumurí is a river in Cuba, which drains into Bahia de Matanzas, an arm of the Straits of Florida in the historic provincial capital of Matanzas. The river begins in the village of Imias and winds its way through 54.2 km, including a steep 220 metre canyon with walls 200 m high.


The Yumurí valley is claimed to be one of the island's most scenic, noted for the biodiversity of its flora and fauna, as well as a variety of archaeological sites. The valley, actually drained by the Yumuri and Bacunayagua rivers, is surrounded by a 150 m high mountain ridge. These elevations provide many vantage points to view the valley. One important site is the Monserrat Hermitage, known for its view of Matanzas.[1] According to local legend (in the Spanish Wikipedia entry), the valley's and river's name derives from the death cry (in Spanish) of a native princess.


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