Yuraq Mach'ay

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Yuraq Mach'ay
Location Peru, Pasco Region, Daniel Alcides Carrión Province
Region Andes
Height 3,991 metres (13,094 ft)

Yuraq Mach'ay (Quechua yuraq white, mach'ay cave,[1] "white cave", hispanicized spelling Yuracmachay) is an archaeological site with rock paintings in Peru. It lies in the Pasco Region, Daniel Alcides Carrión Province, Chacayan District.[2] Yuraq Mach'ay is situated at a height of 3,991 metres (13,094 ft) on the slope of Pukara, north of the city of Cerro de Pasco.

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Coordinates: 10°29′49″S 76°25′05″W / 10.4969°S 76.4181°W / -10.4969; -76.4181