Yuyu language

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Upper Riverland
Region South Australia
Extinct (date missing)
  • Ngintait (Inteck)
  • Ngarkat (Ngarrket)
  • Yirawirung (Erawirung)
  • Ngawait
Language codes
ISO 639-3 yxu
Glottolog uppe1415[1]
AIATSIS[2] S19 Yuyu, S18 Ngintait

Yuyu (Yirau) is an extinct language or dialect cluster of southern South Australia. Walsh treats Yuyu as a language with Ngawait, Erawirung, Ngintait, and Ngarkat as dialects; Berndt and Berndt (1993) list those as dialects related to Yuyu.[3][2]


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