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Yvonne Garrick, by Jean Reutlinger
Yvonne Garrick, by Léopold-Émile Reutlinger

Yvonne Garrick (born 1 August 1878) was a French stage actress.

Early life[edit]

Marie-Berthe Yvonne Garrick was born at Louhans.[1] She studied acting with Maurice de Féraudy at the Conservatoire de Paris.[2] She won the highest prize among female students when she graduated from the Conservatoire in 1900.[3]


In Paris[edit]

Garrick was a new actress when she appeared in Château Historique in 1900 at the Theatre National de l'Odéon.[4] She played the title role in Psyche, and appeared in Le Mariage de Figaro, Colinette, and La Nuit de Mai,[5] at the Odéon, all in 1901.[6] Garrick appeared in Le Luxe des Autres at the Odéon in 1902.[2]With the Comédie-Française in 1905, she played Jessica in Shylock, ou le Marchand de Venice.[7] She played the title role in Jeanne Qui Rit at the Théatre Rejane in 1908.[8] In 1909, back at the Odéon, she starred in Le Poussin.[9] She starred in Edouard Pailleron's comedy Le Monde où l'on s'ennuie with the Comédie Francaise, and she returned to that show to the United States.[10]

In North America[edit]

Garrick's New York debut came in 1915, in the farce Mon Ami Teddy.[11] She reprised her role in Le Monde où l'on s'ennuie and was also in Arsène Lupin and La Sacrifiee, all at New York's Theatre Francais in the spring of 1916.[12][13][14][15] In 1919, she starred in Frou Frou in Montréal,[16] and in Le Gendre de M. Poirier at the Theatre du Vieux Columbier;[17] and she was in a company at the Lenox Little Theater.[18] In 1920, Garrick toured the United States in three short plays, opposite Belgian actor Carlo Liten;[19] she also appeared in Musk on Broadway that year.[20][21][22] In 1921 she gave a recitation at a reception for French ambassador Jean Jules Jusserand given by the Cercle Rochambeau in New York.[23]

World War I benefit performances[edit]

In January 1916, Garrick was part of a group of actresses and writers to read letters from Edith Wharton's The Book of the Homeless, at a fundraising event for war relief causes, at art gallery in New York.[24] She was on the programs of wartime benefit shows in 1918, including a concert for Secours Franco-Americain at the Ritz-Carlton[25] and a Lake Placid, NY fundraiser for the American Friends of Musicians in France.[26]

Personal life[edit]

There were published rumors that Garrick would marry wealthy American James Hazen Hyde in 1906.[27] A photograph in the Library of Congress shows her as "Yvonne Garrick Garchery" in the 1910s.[28]


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