Zarghun Shar District

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Map showing Zarghun Shahr District after 2004 division.

Zarghun Shar District (Pashto: زرغون ښار ولسوالۍ‎, Persian: ولسوالی زرغون‌شهر‎), also spelled Zarghun Shahr, and also known as Katawaz District or Khayr Kot District, is a district of Paktika Province, Afghanistan. The district capital is Zarghun Shar town.

In 1998, the district had an estimated population of over 75,000.[1] However, by June 2004 the post-Taliban government separated off three new districts from the large Zarghun Shahr District; the new districts were Janikhel District, Yahyakhel District and Yusufkhel District.[2][3] The district population in 2004 of the reduced district was 38,024.[2]


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Coordinates: 32°51′N 68°25′E / 32.850°N 68.417°E / 32.850; 68.417