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Zeleia (Ζέλεια) is the name of an ancient town or city, according to the Iliad, which was allied to Troy. It appears to have been located in the Troad and to have been inhabited by Trojans. Says Homer: "They who lived in Zeleia below the foot of Mount Ida, who drank the dark water of Aesepus, Trojans." (Iliad 2.824).

Zeleia led a force of warriors to aid Troy during the Trojan War, led by Pandarus, son of Lycaon (the latter Lycaon not to be confused with Lycaon, son of Priam.

It is later related that the people of Zeleia are "Lycians", though the Zeleians are distinct from the Lycians who come from Lycia in southwestern Asia Minor, led by Sarpedon and Glaucus. The connection between the 'Lycians' of Zeleia and these Lycians is unclear—if there is any connection at all.

Arrian, in Anabasis Alexandri, mentions that prior to the Battle of the Granicus, in May 334 BCE, the Persian satraps held a council at Zeleia where they discussed how best to confront Alexander the Great.