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An open mouth with red lips shows an eyeball inside it. The upper left of the cover has the band's name in neon red and the song title below it in neon blue.
Single by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
from the album It's Blitz!
Released February 24, 2009 (2009-02-24)
Length 4:25
Songwriter(s) Brian Chase, Karen Lee Orzolek, Nick Zinner
Yeah Yeah Yeahs singles chronology
"Down Boy"
"Heads Will Roll"
Music video
"Zero" on YouTube

"Zero" is a song by American indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, released as the lead single from their third studio album, It's Blitz! (2009). The song received critical acclaim from music critics for its production, and was named the best track of 2009 by both NME and Spin magazines.

The single had minor commercial success, peaking at numbers four, eighteen and thirty-seven on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales, Alternative Songs and Rock Song charts, as well as number forty-nine on the UK Singles Chart. A music video for the single, which shows lead singer Karen O walking the streets of San Francisco at night, was released in March 2009.

Critical reception[edit]

"Zero" received acclaim from music critics. Paula Carino of AllMusic described the song as "an exhilarating and wide-open expanse of pure electro-pop".[1] Mary Bellamy of Drowned in Sound viewed the track as "the call to arms of a band who desperately want to teleport the refugees of fashion-fizzled pop, the hippest of hipsters and the weirdest outsiders to the dancefloor of their sweaty spaceship", stating it is "perhaps one of the band's finest moments ever committed to tape."[2]

Slant Magazine's Jonathan Keefe praised "Zero" as "flat-out phenomenal",[3] while Alex Fletcher of Digital Spy called it "a saucy electro romp that makes even GaGa seem a tad coy".[4] Michael Hubbard of musicOMH dubbed the song "an all out visceral onslaught, a keening mix of battered synths, drum machines and Nick Zinner's typically bloodless guitar playing", and referred to it as "a mix of Show Your Bones' cleaner production with the grubbiness of the Is Is EP".[5] PopMatters' Evan Sawdey opined that "[n]o YYY's song has ever been as disposable, replayable, or just outright fun as 'Zero'".[6]

"Zero" was named the best track of 2009 by both the NME and Spin magazines,[7][8][9] while Pitchfork Media ranked it the sixth best song of the year.[10][9] In October 2011, the NME placed the song at number thirty-nine on its list of the "150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years".[11][9] Writing in retrospect, Guardian critic Alexis Petridis described it as proof of the band's difficulties at achieving commercial success: "Zero sounded like a mammoth hit right up to the point it stalled at No 49 in the singles chart."[12]

Music video[edit]

The music video for "Zero" was directed by Barney Clay and premiered on March 9, 2009.[13][14] It was filmed in the San Francisco neighborhoods of Tenderloin, North Beach, and Chinatown.[15][16] Speaking to Spinner, lead singer Karen O explained the concept of the video: "The visuals had to be well paced with the slow ecstatic build of the song. It made sense that the visuals would take you on a journey and keep you on the move—no sitting still for too long in the city landscape of bright lights, dark alleys and glittering streets. 'Zero''s sentiment is to revel in being you—you're a zero so screw it! It's the underdogs, the rebels, the outsiders that have always captivated me growing up so I decided why not flaunt that side of myself in the video."[14]

The video opens with the band in the dressing room of The Warfield,[16] getting ready for a show, at which point O walks through a curtain that takes her to the streets of San Francisco at night. Clad in a PVC dress and a studded leather jacket, O is seen walking around the streets and dancing atop cars. She soon joins her bandmates again as they perform the song in an alleyway. Towards the end of the video, the band play around with shopping carts in a supermarket, before playing in a local discount store.

Use in media[edit]

"Zero" was used in the television shows 90210,[17] Ugly Betty,[18] Gossip Girl,[19] and The L.A. Complex.[20][permanent dead link] The song was also included in the soundtrack for the 2009 video game Tony Hawk: Ride.[21][22]

Track listings[edit]


Credits adapted from the liner notes of It's Blitz![28]

  • Atom – assistant engineering
  • Eric Biondo – trumpet
  • Stuart Bogie – tenor saxophone
  • Chris Coady – assistant engineering
  • Aaron Dembe – assistant engineering
  • Charles Godfrey – assistant engineering
  • Matty Green – mixing assistance
  • Dan Huron – recording
  • Ted Jensen – mastering
  • Chris Kasych – mixing assistance
  • Nick Launay – production, recording
  • Mike Laza – assistant engineering
  • Justin Leeah – assistant engineering
  • Chris Moore – assistant engineering
  • Alyssa Pittaluga – assistant engineering
  • David Andrew Sitek – production, recording
  • Mark "Spike" Stent – mixing


Chart (2009) Peak
Australia (ARIA)[29] 88
Australia Dance (ARIA)[30] 10
Scotland (Official Charts Company)[31] 6
UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[32] 49
US Alternative Songs (Billboard)[33][34] 18
US Rock Songs (Billboard)[35] 37
US Hot Dance Singles Sales (Billboard)[34] 4

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Label Ref.
United States February 24, 2009 Digital download
(via pre-order of It's Blitz! on iTunes)
Modern rock radio [38]
March 17, 2009 CD single [23]
United Kingdom April 7, 2009 7" single Polydor [39][40]
April 12, 2009 Digital EP [25]
April 13, 2009 CD single [41]
United States May 19, 2009 Digital EP – Remixes
  • Dress Up
  • DGC
  • Interscope
June 9, 2009 12" single [27][42]


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